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Fortunately, I know several members on The Tall Street Journal were able to get tickets to go see "The Tall Show" in person.  All audience members had to be over 6 feet tall.  Unfortunately, if like me, they were out of town, the dreaded snowstorms may have also prevented them from being able to attend live in person, which sadly I was not able to do being stuck in Atlanta.

If you didn't catch it live, then it is airing on Thursday Feb 18, 2010.  If you were there live, or you catch on TV I'll be curious to know how you like the show. 

Was it informational and useful, or was it trying to put tall people out there like a circus freak show.  Either way its nice to see some in mainstream media try to address people being tall, and hopefully the show went off nicely.

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I'm looking forward to seeing this! I hope I don't miss it in Chicago! Go tall people!
I thought the show was good. A little corny but tall folks were shown in a positive light. I didn't know that Martha is 5'9" and comes from a tall family. What did everyone else think?
Unfortunately I missed the airing, but there is some info on Martha's website. Looks like there was a section dedicated to Tall fashion for women, but nothing that I could see for men. Given all the tall guys I've talked to while setting up Vertical Workshop (TTSJ group here), I wonder why that is. Do tall men not find it hard to find clothing? I know I do, and I'm barely 6'5".

What did everyone else think? What was the highlight of the show?
Hi Jeff! It was really directed at women more than the guys. They didn't mention anything about clothing for men. There were a lot of men in the audience and it would have been nice for some info for them too.
Yeah, even when I was headed up there, I pretty much assumed that the show would be geared toward women. Sadly I haven't caught the show yet, as it doesn't air here until Sunday in the Fine Living channel. Maybe others can still catch it there.

It is good to see entrepreneurs like Jeff and the Vertical Workshop starting to address the needs of taller men, and good to see that as of late we have been having a lot more men join the site.

My guess is that women tend to be a bit more social and care more about their clothing than men do. Also, men probably give up easier on things they may not feel they can control as much like sewing, but may be more apt to do some carpentry type stuff for DIY counters and such.
The show's television audience is well over 90% female, so that is going to be the focus.

I have worried about how to reach an audience of talls and looked into this one when I first heard about it. While tv seems great on the surface, this show now has a share of about 0.7. If the product is for women you then factor in the height distribution curve for women and the probability of acting on a single viewing. For reaching men it would be a second order guess of how many of these women are married to a tall man and would act..

A larger audience show more tuned to men is going to work much better - assuming guys pay attention to clothing features:-)
I thought the show was okay but a bit too silly. Was it me or were those fashions not so great? The cutting board idea was great and there should have been more on health, clothes, shoes, etc. she should have also mentioned websites for tall people like TTSJ.
Maybe it makes sense to point to the resources that people have done and are doing. There are some here, but Adrienne has a podcast and others could do so. She is probably an expert on finding people to talk to, but I bet Cheyenne could come up with some great lists and probably some of the others. There could be youtube videos too - a friend of mine just uses a cheap zip camera and gets great results.

I'm not the person for this because I'm nearly deaf, so it would be *really* nice to have transcripts, but I bet some very nice material could be put out with exactly what we want. It is a lot of work, but some are already doing it.


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