The Tall Street Journal

Figured we probably needed an ongoing place to talk about members of the site and some of the products they either produce or help to market that tall people might be interested in knowing about.

Roy Parkin

Tall Genez
Women's Fashionable Jeans

Jeff Gladwish
Vertical Workshop
Clothing for Men

Megan Hewitt Lukens
Tall Clubs International (President)
Social Organization

Adrienne Williams

Tall Expression
Online Magazine and Radio Show

Colleen Smith
Jheri Olsen
Tall Cutting Boards

Katherine "Kat" Smith
TomKat Productions
Author of "I'm Tall You're Not, So That Makes Us Even"

Victoria Nelson
Capiche Clothing
Capiche: Clothing for the Long & Lean

Feel free to add more, these are just the active members off the top of my head that had tall-related products and companies to let other members know about.

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I'm not directly involved with the tall cutting boards from AWP - I just help Colleen a bit with promoting them as I have a strong belief in the idea.

Altitude Fasique

Career clothing for tall women


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