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I've been corresponding with a professor who has been studying sexual dimorphism in humans - lots of traits that are different for women and men. Height and height preferences come under this heading. He has done a lot of work on mostly average sized people and finds that, surprise, guys like shorter gals and gals like taller guys. He has been able to look at this question deeply across cultures and other things.

Reading his papers, it is clear he was focusing on women under 6'0 and guys under 6'6. The short end of the scale is also-under represented. He is very careful to point this out in his studies, but others have made blanket statements that I and a few of my taller friends don't feel hold water, but that is just anecdotal evidence. I don't have any data.

I decided to do my own survey and this seems like a great place to ask people. There are only ten questions and two are essay questions if you like to write. I doubt most people will take more than five minutes and probably less.

I'll write up what I've found and what the professor says afterwards. There may or may not be surprises, but there is only one way to find out. Feel free to comment here too.


Jheri out

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Comment by Jheri Olsen on December 3, 2009 at 9:05am
Here is the final survey result (I uploaded the wrong version if you saw the earlier post). The data sample is too small for it to be robust, so consider it directional. sdrpaper.pdf
Comment by Jheri Olsen on December 3, 2009 at 7:06pm
For the guys that took the survey, and most of the people who took it were guys, only two were over 6'5. Many studies cover height preferences in males under that height. The sites I advertised on, this and, attracted mostly guys under 6' who were interested in taller women. I was interested in moving past the under 2 s.d. height group.


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