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Do you guys like shorter women or taller women? Do you get glared at by taller women when even talking to a shorter woman? Thoughts?

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I like Tall women only, the tallest. I keep searching, haven't found one till now :-(
I don't like to see or to be seen as an "odd couple" with noticeable height / mass different.
This sounds like you are saying that you have found a tall woman now though. Congratulations, who is the lucky girl?
I tend towards tall women myself. The main reason is because I can't hear what short women are trying to say to me especially if I'm out and about. Contrary to what women tend to think of a lot of men, I really do care what they have to say, I find all people interesting. However, if I have to choose between stooping and saying "huh" a lot, or just talking to a tall beautiful woman while being able to stand up straight, well then you know who I'm going to choose.

I always joke with shorter girls and say "I wish I had ears on my nipples so I could hear you".
Taller women generally.

It's a little bit awkward with short women, just size difference and all, and of course you get stares.
I think a lot of tall men end up with short women because they can't find a tall woman. Sure, there are tall women out there but how long are you willing to look and how many times will a tall girl tell you she is already in a relationship before you try asking a shorter girl out?
All very true. At least there are a lot of tall women here, and hopefully as the word spreads we will get more and more tall men and women to join the site.
My wife is 5'1", and it seems like I always dated shorter girls... not that I have anything against tall women, I think it just had more to do with availability than anything else (growing up in small Texas town with a large Hispanic population).
My wife and my ex-wife are both 5' 3", but I had no problem chatting them up because we were sat on bar stools!! I like being able to literally pick them up off their feet, but dancing together is awkward! And once you're horizontal, height differences are less of an issue!

I do feel bad for them having to have king size children from a small frame, but they each have had 2 kids so there must be some other compensations.

I'm not aware of ever having been glared at by taller women.
My wife is 5'6.5"... when she wears heels she's a perfect height for me. I guess I'm not looking for a 6' girl as I'm only 6'5". In my past, however, it should be noted that I always felt awkward approaching a girl in a bar (or wherever) as girls are usually much shorter than me. Ahh...the life of a tall guy :)


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