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Hey guys... sorry to repost here, but I thought I'd post this in the "Tall Men" section as well. Hope some of you might find my effort worthwhile. Feedback, comments, questions, ideas, offers to help...all welcome anytime! My effort is primarily to help out all of us tall your input is essential!

I've been reading through TTSJ for a little while now and became a member a few weeks ago. After suffering through most of my life trying to find decent tall clothes (I'm 6'5" with long arms) I finally went and did something about it.

Reading through this post and talking with several of you and others from other blogs/tall groups helped me confirm and refine my plan to start a clothing label specifically for tall guys. No cheap imports, no generic low-quality clothing. Everything designed exclusively (by great North American designers) for the label and sold in an online store. And when I say tall, I mean slim to average size guys (might even fit you, TallDinLA!), from about 6'4" to 7'0". After spending most my life hunting for decent tall clothing I'm really excited to be working on this project. Find out more details at:

There you'll find lots of info, plus details of my Twitter (@verticalWS) and Facebook account. Thanks to Cheyenne and Roy Parkin (and others) for your feedback and insight during the planning phase. I welcome additional feedback, suggestions, or ideas from anyone, anytime! Finally, in case you were wondering, this is a part-time gig for me (i.e. I'm not getting rich off this project!)...just a real grass roots effort!

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Hey Jeff... this sounds like a really great potential resource! I subscribed to the e-mail list. I know I'm on the more extreme side of the "small tall" range (6'6.5", 120 lbs., 24" waist, 29" chest)... so I wouldn't necessarily expect that you'd be able to cater to me. I'm used to that! But, still, I think tall men who are on the average to slim side of the size range generally do tend to be neglected. So it's truly awesome that you're developing a resource just for that segment of the market.

I can completely relate to how frustrating it can be to step inside a "Big & Tall" store... only to discover that if one is tall, he also MUST be big in order to shop there. A fellow tall friend of mine (who does happen to be built big) wanted my advice about a couple of shirts he wanted to get, so I went with him to a locally owned Big & Tall shop. A couple of the salesmen came up to us, introduced themselves, and then started joking that having someone as skinny as I am in the store was bad for business... they wouldn't want other customers to see me there. It WAS just meant as a joke... but still, a poor one! And it underscored just how much those places do cater to only tall men who are also big.

Anyway... best wishes as you continue developing the website!
Hey TallD... great to hear from you. Your experience at the Big & Tall stores is typical, and I've experienced it many times. I'm 6'5", 195lbs, 34" waist 36" inseam, so I'm on the slim-to-average side of things. You are quite slim, but over time we may still have a few things that fit you fairly well.. maybe not perfectly for your frame, but probably better than most other stuff you can get out there.

I'd love to get your input anytime you feel inclined to give it. It's people like you that I created Vertical Workshop for. I, like you, feel that this segment of the population has been neglected. It's all about the people. TTSJ (and its members) has been a big help in starting this business, and I hope it remains to help build it into something tall people everywhere can be proud of.
You and I have the same inseam! 36 here, too. My waist is 24", so as you can imagine... finding pants/jeans has pretty much been a nightmare ever since I was a pre-teen!

On your website you mention that you plan to start with quality t-shirts. Just curious... will you be offering "small tall" sizes?
I can imagine how tough it must be to find something close to a 24" waist!

As for the shirts, we'll be starting with a Medium Tall, but the shirts will be somewhat "fitted". In other words, they won't be a wide, classic-fit Medium but rather a fitted Medium. They may not be absolutely perfect for you, but they will likely be closer than most other "tall" clothing out there. Over time we may move into a Small Tall if the demand is there...and I'd love to help you out! As an FYI, we'll also have a Tall and a Tall+, so if you like your shirts a little long then the tall+ should fit you well (and should fit guys who are 6'8"+ great as well).

Thanks again for the questions and feedback... keep them coming anytime!
Hey guys... just wanted to let you know that I've posted some pictures and info of our first t-shirt line on the website:

We're also actively taking suggestions on the next release of clothing, so if there is something you are eager to see in a tall size please let me know!
Hey guys... join the new TTSJ Vertical Workshop group for all the latest!
I am very happy i stumbled upon this group. Ive always had trouble finding cloths. Im 6'6 and kind of slim (190). I haven't received any of the shirts yet but Im going to be giving them a try very soon.

Keep up this great effort. I know theres gotta be tons of people out there with the same problems as me.
Thanks Brad! The response so far has been great, and we've had plenty of reorders. If you have any questions, just let us know anytime! [email protected]


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