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I absolutely love my Lincoln Navigator as it has a good amount of room for my 300+ pound 6'11 self. Its also good for storing lots of friends and stuff, especially for longer beach trips. The only real downfall is the gas mileage. The best feature is the sunroof for my mohawk (and yes the sunroof on this car doesnt kill headroom like most sunroofs). The super-adjustable seats are probably another feature that gives extra room, even more than the Ford Excursion, which does not fit as well.

Mine is a 2004. I really hope the newer models don't sacrifice room. The newer version came out in 2007.

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I love my 2005 Yukon, it provides plenty of leg room for my 6'1" self and it very comfortable. Unfortunately my 6'11' boyfriend is very cramped when we take my car. Fortunately for me, he has a Navigator that is nicer and more comfortable.
I saw a Lincoln Navigator Taxi on my way to work today. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the name of the company, but if I ever find out who drives that, and if they drive on the weekends, I may have found my new cabby of choice.


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