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I sat in this new 2009 Ford Flex the other day. Its kind of like an SUV but stretched out even longer. That gives not only good leg room to the driver, but also to the passengers.

2009 Ford Flex Interior

I think its fairly new so you won't find too many used one's on the market. Still, I'd suggest the Ford Flex to be a great vehicle to check out if you are out there shopping, if for nothing else than just a nice comparison to other cars.

2009 Ford Flex Exterior

You can definitely see some of the room in there. Anyone else thoughts on the Ford Flex?

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3.5L EcoBoost™ twin turbocharged direct injection V6 engine

Thanks for the tip - we are looking for a tall car - not just long legs but long torso accomodations. And good view of surroundings.

The dog appreciates the room, too.

This looks more likely than the Mini-Cooper!!!

And even the 2010 Subaru Outback - well I'm looking out through the shaded part at the top of the windshield. Not good.

"Have you considered a Suburban?" Yeah.


From the Ford Motor Company website:

New 3.5L 'EcoBoost" Engine

V8 Power, V6-Like Fuel Efficiency*

* Projected 16 city/22 hwy fuel economy*
* 355 horsepower, 350 lb.-ft. of torque
* Available on Flex SEL and Limited models

* *2010 projected mpg based on Ford data. EPA estimates not available.
HA! Yes, I don't imagine the mini cooper would be too practical for having a dog.

I hate that black sunstrip on cars! Great point.

Hope the search goes well, they tried putting me in a Toyota Corrolla the other day as a rental car. I promptly took it back for an Impala, which was still small, but not something I was immediately going to die in like the tiny Toyota.
There's always the 1964 Pontiac Tempest. Again.
I've personally drove one on a trip fitting comfortably in it at 6'6." I was happy to see it was also good on fuel, but a little on the weaker side engine wise when it came to pushing it on hills. I am however a bit of a lead foot so what might be considered weak for me might be more than adequate for others.
It's my understanding that Ford will be stopping production on this model after next year 2011 so, those who wish to purchase should contact their local dealership.


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