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Cars For Tall People

Best Cars For Tall People

Looking for "Tall Tall Tall Cars" and only finding reviews from sites who say 6'1 is tall? Here is a listing of tall cars from various members of The Tall Street Journal and the tall cars they have found give them plenty of head and leg room to drive safely and comfortably. Most of these comments are culled from the discussion Cars For Tall People, so feel free to contribute there or join this Tall Cars group and share your knowledge of the best cars for tall people.

Vehicle Member/Height Notes Pictures
Best Cars For Tall People
1) Lincoln Navigator Cheyenne (6'11" / 211cm) This vehicle has good leg and head room, even with a sunroof. It has even more room than the similar Ford Excursion, probably because the seat it self has more adjustments to sit lower.
2) 2009 Ford Flex Cheyenne (6'11" / 211cm) I sat in the Ford Flex the other day, and it was pretty spacious. I think the Flex comes in a hybrid, not 100% sure though. Also, I think its fairly new so you aren't going to find too many used on the market.
3) Mini Cooper Cheyenne (6'11" / 211cm) Surprisingly roomy, even if I'd feel silly spider-legging my way out of the Mini Cooper. The only real issue I had with the Mini Cooper was a little bar that pushed against my leg when driving.
4) Scion xB Sack (6'8" / 203cm) My little box car that rocks far .
5) Ford Econoline E-350 Daniel M (6'7" / 201cm) Plenty of headroom in the front, very specious in the rear. A sure winner in case of a fender bender. But will not fit in a "standard car size" parking space.
6) FJ Cruiser Zen (6'6" / 198cm) Ladies, the FJ cruiser is a great vehicle for us long-legged females. Fellas, It has plenty of room for your big asses too, but you will look like a pansy driving it. It is just too cute for men. Ladies, I give it 5 stars :)
7) Toyota Tundra Lorne Herrema (6'6" / 198cm) Currently have a GMC Sierra 1500 regular cab and my knee is in pain. Took a toyota tundra extended cab and i have to say it was the fist time i have ever been comfortable driving.
8) GMC Yukon Brian Stillings (6'5" / 196cm) Glam Kam (6'1" / 185cm) Brian: My 1998 GMC Yukon has plenty of room. Kam: I love my 2005 Yukon, it provides plenty of leg room for my 6'1" self and it very comfortable. Unfortunately my 6'11' boyfriend is very cramped when we take my car. Fortunately for me, he has a Navigator that is nicer and more comfortable
9) VW Jetta Brian Stillings (6'5" / 196cm) I had a VW Jetta, I'm 6'5'' believe it or not, I had to scoot the seat FORWARD!?!?
10) Grand Prix GT Chris (6'3" / 190cm) I have a ton of room actually. It's quite nice knowing I have extra room as well.
11) Jeep SRT-8 Sam K (6'0" / 183cm) It is a gas guzzling, impractacle, low-riding, thug-wanna be ride.... and I LOVE IT! Oh, and the seat space is not bad either... for the people in the front anyways... haha Buckets seats with memory seating. So, if some shawty tries to move the seat up, you just hit the button to the program seat you are used to ;)
12) VW Golf Stina (6'0" / 183cm) I'm 6' even so that might make a difference for you. It's great on fuel and practicality
NR) Dodge Sprinter Cheyenne (6'11" / 211cm) I know its tall to look at, but has anyone out there actually driven it to see if it actually fits a taller person. I guess some people can even stand in the back. Let me know if you know anything about this vehicle and potential tallness factor.

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