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Tall women dating shorter men? Tall men dating childsized women?

What are thoughts on either of these situations? I'm a tall woman and have dated men taller and men shorter than. I loved being able to wear high heels and have my man be taller still. I haven't come across a lot of available taller men recently and a girl wants to get out soooo... Yes, I know ultimately it is the kindness and respect from your lover that matters.

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I haven't seen many tall women, to be honest..but I enjoy it when I do get to see's just too bad that they usually seem to be with shorter men...(although I know of ONE couple who are both tall..and they look beautiful together, really)..I just think that some tall women have a less confidant opinion of themselves, which would lead them to go for someone with a more dominant personality..which some shorter men seem to have about themselves, although I don't know Why.

Some of us are with shorter men because it's harder for a tall woman to get together with a tall man.  Seems the tall men are out chasing the runty women!  And lots of the runty women won't look at a man under 6 feet tall!

Yeah, I started out wanting a guy who was at least eye-to-eye with me, but I have to say I've gotten a better response from shorter men.  The guy I've been with for about 10 years is maybe 5'6" if you put him on the rack. 

I did belong to a tall club for a while, and while it was nice to be in a social club especially for tall people, there wasn't as much pairing off as one might hope for.

hmmm..*nodding head*..a tall order indeed, Pamela.

..(and then as if to make things worse, it's easier to look eye to eye than to see eye to eye..;)

If I ever split up with my current guy, I'm just gonna became a Cat Lady (have 2 cats now).  Much less hassle, the cats are grateful to be taken care of, and they're plenty loyal.  Just sayin'.

I really don't know much about cats..but I can still imagine that some pets could seem to be more fun to be around than some people.

In a purrfect world..

but I ain't about to trade people for pets..not just yet, anyways..:)

I'm 7'. ALL women are shorter than me. I used to Tango, Foxtrot, Argentine Tango, etc... when I was in Miami many years ago. I found a 6'4" saucy Cuban woman who took a guy who only knew how to 2 step and square dance, and taught him a thing or two about being light on your feet. I don't dance any more because I don't like women staring into my belly or crotch.  I can imagine dancing with a short guy  staring eye level into your head lights, and knowing some of the guys I work with, I'm sure they would try to tune the radio. My grandfather was 6' 10" and married a 5' 4" woman. They had 10 children. I think he found what short women are good for. 

I am 6'2 and am currently dating a girl who is 5'2. Yea the height difference is pretty big ha. I don't have a problem with tall women, but never seemed to find any that were interested in me. My girlfriend has a great personality that matches well with mine and that was the main thing that I liked about her. She is also Chinese, and I have always had a preference for asian women (I'm Caucasian), which helped too heh. I will admit that sometimes the height difference is annoying. Hugging her or trying to kiss her while we are both standing is difficult and awkward. Although in other ways I like feeling taller than her. I find it cute when she has to look up at me to talk with me. When we are laying down the height difference matters less, but still is somewhat of an issue. Took us a long time to find comfortable positions to hold each other and do other things while laying down.

Some other people on here were claiming that tall guys prefer short women. I didn't ever think about not going out with tall women, but I do find short women attractive sometimes. I guess that it makes me feel more masculine when my girlfriend is shorter than me and has to look up at me all the time ha. I'm 6'2 but only 140 pounds so I am tall and lanky. Maybe that's why I like short girls too because I don't always feel masculine because of my body type.


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