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I would like to introduce you to my new book called Tall Life.

The purpose of the book is to raise awareness for some of the issues we tall people face as well as to present some solutions. The eight chapters are: Evolution, Scaling, Spine, Manufactured, Ergonomics, Growth, Longevity, and Society. There is also an afterward where I tell my own tall tale of becoming a chronic back pain sufferer but then recovering.

The book is both for tall people and those that relate to us. The latter will include medical and exercise professionals etc. It is somewhat scientific, but still easy for the average reader and should be quite entertaining too.

The ebook version is currently available for pre-order on Amazon:

I can't wait to hear what the tall community thinks of this book!

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Hey, just wanted to let you all know that Tall Life the eBook is Free on Amazon today, paperback available too at this link:

Really interested to hear what people think of it!


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