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tall girls dating shorter men...period. haha. let's chat about it?

before you talk, i knowww there was just a thread about women dating shorter people. i felt like starting a new one :]


so, i'm 6'3''...what up what up. hahaha.

i'm 18, i don't know if that matters but i'm letting you know anyway.


anywhoo, so my whole life i have only dated ONE person that was taller then me...which was just a couple of months ago actually...yes it was nice to be able to wrap my arms around his neck and be on my tippy toes and such to kiss him, but i realize that it won't happen a lot since i'm so damn tall.


and i dont really care about being able to wear heels or not, since i never really grew up wearing them and would basically kill myself if i attempted to start now. hahaa.


but so i'm kinda sorta talking to the guy who's 5'9''...and like i read on the other thread that some girls are worried about not being protected which i find absolute bs, i dont have to worry about that with him..he's way strong and like is basically the polar opposite of me, personality wise for sure.


well, i guess what i'm asking is like how to be confident with a shorter dude. [[im very self conscious and veryyy low self esteem about my height]] which turns into me being an awkward goof ball. hahaha, ah. and like...what do you girls do with your shorter dates/boyfriends and for you guys what would you do with a taller girl?

liiiike, i don't know how to not feel uncomfortable? do y'all just put your arm around his shoulders when walking or something? hahaha, stuff like that...because i wouldn't want to make the dude uncomfortable either...ya know?


well, pardon this damn essay...i have the tendency to ramble :] my bad.


thanks all :]

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It all depends. Some short guys have a different style of confidence than other short guys,or normal short guys; you kno da type whose insecure and show self-disclosure compared to the ones who try 2 boost up their character to be a intrigued person (knowing behind it all is their height so they try 2 hide it by displaying a cool person).Primary example,like when Iwas at the bookstore (where alot of tall girls can b easily found but dats nt da only reason y I go dere lol) I spotted dis tall woman who looked bout 6 r 6'1. I kno guys who r there also may find tall women attractive,but I wanted to stand out from all dem.9.5 times out of 10 there's always going to be a short guy who looks creepy,ugly,r jus flat out weird approach(dats if hes nt scared 2)those kind of women,eventually 1 did. I watched from a distance n heard him speak, n da conversation was da old usual da woman always here.....How tall r u? U must've played basketball n school? r try to come up witha sly 1,U must've been captain of da basketball team? (stuff I used in 7th grade in 06) n result he failed, and he moped around da whole time there; she wasn't interested.But u would neva find a short,decent,cute(regardless of ethnicity) guy who has a good personality around 2 approach a tall woman (like I). But in this case, it happened. I walk 2 her n politely told her the truth ( to make it look like Im jus nt any creep approaching her) Hi, my name Quintun n I admire your beauty.....Then she say with a congenial smile, well thank you my name is Kandra n its nice 2 meet you. And from then on we had a lovely mutual friendship (until I went 2 da army). What Im really trying 2 say Shannon is that a mature and diligent guy(the right guy) will b da best 4 u. rather if hes short r tall. But in dis case, Kandra found a short guy(me) to accompany her with friendship n made her feel comfortable. Rather if ppl looked while we walked together (but no one cared lolol) or whispered sumthin to their so called friends. Majority of the 1's who are hypocrites r judgemental or 99.9% the 1's whose unsucessful r jealous; like a liberal. But back 2 da topic, you can also sense da feeling of"when da time is right" from my story. So to sum it all, when you find a guy who u likes u, especially when he's attractive, your tallness n his cuteness 2 gether is the BEST thing ever; and after that youll never feel discourage with a short guy again. 

 And to make you feel a lil better, Its best for a short guy/tall woman to b 2gether. Rather than a guy whose 6 sumthin dating a woman around 4'8-5ft. I know its reality n  most relationships r like dat, but it litearally look like da guy's about to rape the child size woman, n plus she "probably" would fail to protect him n return. Life is so crazy.....Its betta 4 a big woman than a small woman.Tall man r jus intimidated n weak wen it comes 2 dis...So dats probably y u a meant 4 short guys, da right short guys.



Iam around 6'10" and close to 400lbs but not heavyset. and for me a short woman or a tall woman is just fine with me. ive been around long enough to know that its not the size that matters its the person inside. and i guess for me all women I have met are shorter so I guess its a Mote point for me. but from the guy friends I know they tell me they would Love to have a girlfriend taller then them but almost every time before long it ends up that the guy is not high on confidence and it neds up a bust. but taller women also have a sort of (not to sound bad ladies) but they turn their nose up at shorter/smaller men and think they are lesser then them when it comes to stature and want nothing to do with them. and i think thats harsh. as for me i go into a club and not to brag just typing this take it with sa grain of salt ladies. but when I pop in a club women just come up to me and whats odd is for the most part its the really shorter gals. like 5'2"thru 5'4" and not to sound bad but as big as I am I have to let them go their own way in a nice and peaceful manner. for their own good. im a big boy . but all women i believe are great in my eyes theire all beautiful


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