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I have a big head. Does anybody know where to get big sunglasses?

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Great question! I was just complaining about this the other day to Kam while looking for sunglasses. I always put on big shades and yet make them look like Elton John tiny sunglasses.

The best kind I have found, were bigger aviators, and I just got lucky one day at a gas station. Course, like most of my sunglasses they had an untimely death, another reason why i haven't looked at more expensive brands.
I got a sweet pair of sunglasses made by Jack Daniels. They are sunglassess for big heads and you can convert them to goggles and change the lens out. I got them at

I was going to include a link to them but I do not see them on there anymore. I just see big head hats They used to have a category called big head sunglasses, maybe they are just out of stock. You could search Google for Jack Daniesl big head sunglasses.
bad link :>(
Thanks guys, I found a site called They have some styles but I will keep looking. I'll check out the Jack Daniels stuff and see what comes up. Thanks!
I've had good luck with the Smith & Wesson brand safety/shooting glasses, They're fairly cheap, available in a wide range of lens tints, including mirrored, and some of the styles seem to be made with big-headed people in mind. Of course, my sense of fashion has been said to be absent, too, so i may not be the best one to ask...
Oakley Monster Dogs are big.  I've had the same pair for 5 years, and love them.

I did some research, I found a site. There is a site online called Or you can just google "Giant Vintage Sunglasses". They have some big style sunglasses that are cheap and stylish.

Guys and girls can check this site out. They have a whole bunch of styles that are big. I got some and they fit fine.

Oakleys makes a pair for big heads

Lamood is a specialty online store that has sunglasses as well as hats for big heads


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