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Hi Folks,

I found this website last week.  Perhaps you can help me with son is 14, 6'1", 220, and hasn't hit his growth spurt yet.  Doc guesses he will get to 6'6" or 6'8".  He needs a new bed, but his bedroom just isn't big enough for a California King mattress.

Recently we heard of a mattress size called a California Queen.  It is the length of a Cal. King, but only the width of a regular queen.  It is only available in special order.  We tried to order through Mattress Warehouse, but they are giving us a variety of difficulties, and we want to try to order elsewhere.

Have you ever had a special order mattress made?  Can you suggest a company that handled it well, or one to avoid?  In general, I know how to choose a mattress, but this special order thing is turning out to be a real pain.



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When I was that age, I was about that size. My dad got me a full size mattress, but with an 80" length, and I'm pretty sure he didn't have to special order it. I'm 6'8" now and I still use it comfortably, despite the fact that I sleep like a plank. I think it's a King Koil in Full XL from Sleepy's but I'm not positive on that.

A Cal Queen gives you 4 extra inches over the Full XL if I remember correctly (I've been looking into one for my new pad.) The Full XL should work fine though and is a lot easier to get.

Hope that helps.

My brother is 6'7", and when he moved he sold me his california King Tempur-Pedic. If nothing else in this world gets me a husband, it will be this bed! It's amazing. I have had issues with my back and neck, as I'm sure many of you do, but since I bought this bed the pain is gone. Tempur-Pedic beds are expensive, I know, but the benefits of owning one are worth the cost. They have an amazing warrenty (25 years). It wears out before then, and they replace it. I highly recommend it.


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