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I HAVE FOUND THE MAN OF MY DREAMS...or so I thought.....check him out first!

Millions of women around the country have had at least one experience of being jilted or cheated on by a no-good man. Usually there’s no way to know in advance whether or not a man you’ve met is a good risk when it comes to matters of the heart. But now, thanks to, the answer may be just a click away. is an online resource for women who have shared the experience of dating a no-good man, and lived to tell about it. The site has roused all kinds of controversy recently, mostly among men and privacy rights advocates, and the media has had a field day debating the pros and cons of such a service. But the benefits of such a service are all too clear. There is finally a place where a woman can run a background check on a man in the romance department before dating, marrying, or otherwise committing to him.

A guy friend turned me on to the sit and I will forever be grateful to him.. I will pay it forward by informing others of the site.

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I for one believe that this is quite awesome!!! I wish this was made available a few years ago. I would have done my fair share of back ground checks and possibly added a few men on there.


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