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Puddle Town Woodworking has a line of desks. DFTP - Desks for Tall People

Puddle Town Woodworking designs and fabricates desks to fit the needs of Tall People, There is a profile of desks available. DFTP can be custom ordered.



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Thanks Kenny.  We actually just had an ergonomic specialist out to my office and he said that your desk height should be about where the bottom of your elbow is after sitting properly in a tall enough chair.


Do you have any other tips for tall people looking into desks?  I'll be in the market for a desk soon, and will definitely check you guys out.

Your ideal desk height

Ideal work surface height is dependent upon your height, the tasks you perform, and the equipment and tools you use. Your most comfortable working height is at or around elbow height. You should be able to maintain a forearm-to-upper arm angle between 70 degrees and 135 degrees.

If your task requires some upper arm force, your work surface should be below elbow height (e.g. stapling, stamping, packing). If fine visual attention is needed, the surface should be higher (e.g. graphic, copy editing of fine type). Generally, computer users performing intensive word processing prefer lower desks - sometimes below elbow height, and those performing computer graphics and page layout activities prefer higher desks. Most people prefer a slightly higher surface for writing, and a slightly lower surface for keying.

Keep in mind that standard desks or measured to fit people as follows:

Most work surfaces are a standard 28" to 30", a good sitting height for most people between 5'8" and 5'10" tall. If you are taller or shorter, be prepared to change your work surface height.

Puddle Town Woodworking manufactures custom desks to fit each individual according to size, comfort and function.

Designing the desk to fit the user. Proper height design is necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries, which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability.

Interesting, as mainly an office worker I hadn't thought about the varying heights according to function but it makes a lot of sense.  I guess this would be another reason why those keyboard slide out drawers make sense, in keeping the keying area a bit lower than the surface writing area, as well as the extra room.  Of course, for me any desk with a slideout drawer bangs into my knees

We design our desks to fit the needs of Tall People. With proper engineering this is achieved. Just because someone is not of "average" height should not mean they shouldn't have quality and/or a proper fitting desk. It is important for us to meet the needs of our customers in providing quality in design, form and function. No one should ever be presented with your complaint "Of course, for me any desk with a slideout drawer bangs into my knees"

As a side note: Puddle Town Woodworking has a "Give Back" program 

For every 20 custom DFTP we manufacture, we will donate 1 custom desk to a person with a disability. Our goal is to assist persons with disabilities to create a custom desk to fit their needs and wheelchair. Puddle Town Woodworking will design, manufacture and deliver locally this free custom desk.


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