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So I would like to date someone that is close to my height. I'm about 6 foot 7.  Where do I go to achieve this? Do I just start looking randomly? It may be a lame question and it's a shot in the dark but I don't have any friends that are as tall or even close to my height so I don't know how to start this.

I mentioned this to friends and I got the usual jokes about "Whoa, are you sure she wouldn't be a man?" or "You two would be a couple of giant freaks" and stuff. I just think finding a date that is tall would be pretty cool.  I would imagine that if I find someone with my height that we would already have something in common. I'm sure we could share some crazy stories about being tall.


I didn't see any posts in the forum about this. What do you folks think? Is there a strategy to this or maybe I should just keep dreaming?

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I think it is difficult to find taller people to date. I get frustrated sometimes because I always notice taller men dating these tiny little woman and I know so many tall girls who are looking for guys their size. Its interesting to find a guy who is actually looking for a taller girl, I think the height thing tends to bother woman more then men, its difficult to find men who want to date a girl who is taller then them, I have had guys tell me it is emasculating. I think your best bet is a website like this where you can meet different people who understand what its like.


Thanks, gonna check it out

Thanks for the advice, gonna keep lookin. ;)

You may want to try

I've always loved dating taller women myself.  At 6'11 I found a great girl at 6'1 and married her up.  Its been great.  I can hear what she has to say without wishing I had ears on my nipples.


You can use the advanced search features on here to find different women.  Looks like we have 22 tall women in California currently.



hmmm...<thinking back Many many moons, of course>...the last tall woman I slow danced with, left it very hard sit down, after the song had ended.


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