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UPDATE: There has been a group on "The Tall Street Journal" started for talking about tall cars. Cars For Tall People Group. There is a grid there of the top 12 cars people have been talking about.

Last year I went car shopping and for a man my size (6-11) it wasn't easy finding a car at all. Most car sites listed tall 6-2. Don't get me wrong thats still tall, but for the super tall, here are the ones I found. Lincoln Navigator
Honda Element
Mini Cooper

A friend of mine also drives a Scion xB that he likes, and he is around 6-8. The Navigator was the only one that really fit me, even though the Mini Cooper was surprisingly roomy. Even the Ford Excursion did not have the same room that the Navigator did, I guess cause the seat has more adjustments.

Wasn't crazy about buying a high-end gas guzzler, but figured I also wasn't crazy about losing my legs in my old Dodge Stratus should I get into a wreck.

What cars do you drive / find the most comfortable?

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6' 8" 250,  I have driven a Honda Element for 9 years.  Uglyish, but a great vehicle.  I can get in and have enough room for a 10 gallon hat. I can pile all the camping gear in, and gets 24 mpg (AWD).  Sadly they just stopped making them this year.

I tested a Ford C-Max Hybrid a few days ago. Very comfortable. No need to scrunch down, tilt the seat back, or anything like that. I am 6'8 but wear the same jeans size as my 6'3 Dad. So, all of my height in my torso and neck. Finding cars with enough headroom nearly impossible. Finding one that also has a telescoping steering wheel, comfortable seat, and good gas mileage WAS impossible. Until now. The C-max looks kind of nerdy but it works for very tall people.

Hi Fellow Travelers, about 3 years ago I researched a 2004 Honda Element EX when I rode in my 6'6" 280# B-i-Law's model and purchased one with a previous owner through the dealer who happened to be the previous owner.  Even though it was 2011 when I purchased the '04 the research showed that the '04-'05 and the other models stand up well and continue to perform.  I recently had it shown at the dealer where I purchased it and was told that the condition was so good, that even if it required a new engine, it would be worth it.  It hasn't required a new engine, but I appreciated his point. The headroom easily accommodates me and my hat (what a cutie), the driver's cab easily accommodates my 6'4 1/2" frame and my husband and I have enjoyed the 4WD in Chicago weather.  It is considered an SUV so you have to weigh the MPG factor, but my idea is that for everyday driving and for loading up the back, you can't beat the roominess.  The Element is no longer made but they can be found online.  Happy trails!  'Til we meet again!  Emmee

Honda Element all the way. It has just about the greatest roofline height of all cars. Roofline height is the measurement from the floor up to where the window meets the roof. This car roofline height article explains it better.


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