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UPDATE: There has been a group on "The Tall Street Journal" started for talking about tall cars. Cars For Tall People Group. There is a grid there of the top 12 cars people have been talking about.

Last year I went car shopping and for a man my size (6-11) it wasn't easy finding a car at all. Most car sites listed tall 6-2. Don't get me wrong thats still tall, but for the super tall, here are the ones I found. Lincoln Navigator
Honda Element
Mini Cooper

A friend of mine also drives a Scion xB that he likes, and he is around 6-8. The Navigator was the only one that really fit me, even though the Mini Cooper was surprisingly roomy. Even the Ford Excursion did not have the same room that the Navigator did, I guess cause the seat has more adjustments.

Wasn't crazy about buying a high-end gas guzzler, but figured I also wasn't crazy about losing my legs in my old Dodge Stratus should I get into a wreck.

What cars do you drive / find the most comfortable?

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Ladies, the FJ cruiser is a great vehicle for us long-legged females. Fellas, It has plenty of room for your big asses too, but you will look like a pansy driving it. It is just too cute for men. Ladies, I give it 5 stars :)

I think you may be talking about the PT cruiser.  The Toyota FJ Cruiser is about as manly as you can get next to a Jeep.

I had a VW Jetta, I'm 6'5'' belive it or not, I had to scoot the seat FORWARD!?!? I now drive a 1998 GMC Yukon, plenty of room.
I'm more worried about you driving tricycles in the Atlanta Tricycle League. How is that going to work?
I have no idea how you fit into a Jetta at 6'5". I sat in one at 6'6" last week and found it was rather cramped with the usual mirror obstruction. What year was this Jetta?
I just purchased a Jeep SRT-8 and LOVE IT!
It is a gas guzzling, impractacle, low-riding, thug-wanna be ride.... and I LOVE IT!
Oh, and the seat space is not bad either... for the people in the front anyways... haha Buckets seats with memory seating. So, if some shawty tries to move the seat up, you just hit the button to the program seat you are used to ;)
Pics up for those who are interested... I am not a car person, I just know it is fast :)
I've always had luck with Fords. I mean every car I've had I have to put the seat all the way back but Every Ford I've driven was comfy. I did own a 1981 Mazda RX7, it being a two seater allowed me just enough room to drive it, surprisingly my buddy who is 7'3" could sit shotgun comfortably enough if I raised the moon roof a bit. That being said my 7'3" friends currently drives a ' 99 Suburban and it fits him well. Good luck in your search.
I didn't fit into the SRT-8 properly at all even at 6'6".

I sat in the Ford Expedition and found that despite fitting in it they dropped down the rear view mirror 4 inches completely obstructing my view.

Ford Flex works, but other than that Ford seems to be a write off. Chevrolet was similar.

I took the time to contact, and write all the car manufacturers hoping that they would take the feedback into practical use. Why should we have to modify cars to fit in them when we pay a lot, and there's a lot of us out there? I found the most hospitable company to be actually Subaru. Honda was the least helpful by far.

You know things are getting ridiculous when you're sitting in a a Escalade with your head crooked on a 45 degree angle even with the seat all the way down, and back. It seems like most North American car manufacturers are reducing the interior spacing, and dropping down the mirrors in new vehicles which isn't too safe for us tall people. CTS, and Buick had the same issues with head room space/ dropped down center rear view mirrors.

I didn't sit in the Mini Cooper the other day but maybe I should have.

The BMW X5 provided adequate space but unfortunately again had the center rear view mirror obstructing my view making it dangerous to drive.

Porche was ridiculous in both newer, and older models. I found my knees ridiculously high, and the steering wheel completely in the way. I'm not a heavy guy by any stretch and I felt extremely cramped even from the sides.

I've heard that a lot of taller people fit into the Avalanches. Have yet to check them out yet

What kind of modern sports cars work for us tall guys? I found that Mustangs had the mirror drop down issue, and little head space despite the supposed increased space in 2005.
The Lincoln Navigator is still my favorite. I'm very sad that it is in the shop right now and I've been forced into an explorer. Leg room, Head room and rear view mirror are all problems, the Navi was the only one that solved those problems for me. I have no idea where you will find a sports car in that realm, but maybe. Thanks for all of the good information. Great to know that others have had to go on the same exploration as myself. Hopefully more tall people will find this community and together we can command more attention.
I contacted a bunch of different car manufacturers about this. Chevrolet was the most receptive to change, and Subaru was the first to respond. I wasn't impressed with Honda, or Fords responses at all. Chevrolet actually went to the extent of calling to ask for more specifics where as most of the other car companies didn't care. Ford's support literally said, "All choices are made at an executive level" as if my input was nothing.
This is an issue for talls. I am 6'2" with a 37" inseam, and drive a Mini Cooper S. Very comfortable.
I'm 6'1" and currently drive a 2001 Subaru Forester. I originally thought I wanted a Subaru Outback wagon, but the Forester fits me better. Lots of head room, just enough leg room (could use a bit more). There is a ledge on the door that contains the door handle and the controls for locks and windows... it does eat into the room available for my legs. I think they may have modified this in later models (they redesigned the Forester recently).

When I was young I liked to fold myself up to get into cars, but am not into that anymore. I have driven a 1964 Anglia, a 1959 Hillman, and later had two successive VW Bugs. The Bugs had a surprising amount of head and leg room available. I did get some weird looks as I would emerge from the Bugs.

But I'm getting old now, and I don't like that sardined-in feeling anymore.

If I ever get another car, I might consider something like a Honda Element (the bigger "shoebox car").


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