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UPDATE: There has been a group on "The Tall Street Journal" started for talking about tall cars. Cars For Tall People Group. There is a grid there of the top 12 cars people have been talking about.

Last year I went car shopping and for a man my size (6-11) it wasn't easy finding a car at all. Most car sites listed tall 6-2. Don't get me wrong thats still tall, but for the super tall, here are the ones I found. Lincoln Navigator
Honda Element
Mini Cooper

A friend of mine also drives a Scion xB that he likes, and he is around 6-8. The Navigator was the only one that really fit me, even though the Mini Cooper was surprisingly roomy. Even the Ford Excursion did not have the same room that the Navigator did, I guess cause the seat has more adjustments.

Wasn't crazy about buying a high-end gas guzzler, but figured I also wasn't crazy about losing my legs in my old Dodge Stratus should I get into a wreck.

What cars do you drive / find the most comfortable?

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Mini Cooper?
Surprisingly yes. The only real issue I had with it was a little bar that pushed against my leg when driving.

Well, that and just how silly I'd feel spider legging my way out of a mini cooper everyday. Course, then again for the humor and gas savings it might have been the best way to go.
For some reason the 10 clowns emerging from a VW Beetle at the circus comes to mind...
I've added a new group on here for talking about "Cars for Tall People". There is also a news section in there that will stay updated on information regarding Tall Cars.
gotta say I am 6'3" and I drive a '04 Grand Prix GT and I have a ton of room actually. It's quite nice knowing I have extra room as well.
Ford Econoline , E-350 .
Plenty of headroom in the front, very specious in the rear.
A sure winner in case of a fender bender.
But will not fit in a "standard car size" parking space.
I recently went on a cross country road trip in a Mustang. Bad Idea! I was scrunched over the entire time. I ended the trip with a slipped disc or a pinched nerve, I've been recovering for the past few weeks. BTW, does anybody know any roomy Hybrids?
I sat in the Ford Flex the other day, and it was pretty spacious. It definitely will overtake number 2 on my list only behind the Navigator and ahead of the Mini. I think the Flex comes in a hybrid, not 100% sure though. Also, I think its fairly new so you aren't going to find too many used on the market.
I just started a discussion for the 2009 Ford Flex in the cars for tall people in case people want to talk about it more, including if someone finds out if its hybrid or the mpg it gets.
I can't even get my right leg on the other side of the steering column in a mustang.
I have a VW golf. I'm 6' even so that might make a difference for you. it's great on fuel and practicality. My mom (6'2") drives a Volvo and likes it a lot. Hers is older but there are some newer ones that start in the low 30s. My brother (6'4") shares a Rav 4 with his wife(6') they seem happy. I have a friend(6'10") who used to drive an older BMW. He now drives a Honda Wagon (he's got a family now).

I think that there are a few options out there. I would think of car manufacturers that are in countries where the general population is tall - Germany, Sweden...but there are surprises out there.

good luck!

oh by the by my grandfather has driven Lincoln Town Cars for the past 30 years. Style and leg room but crap mpg.
i am 6'6 and currently looking for a new truck... currently have a gmc searria 1500 regular cab... and my knee is in pain by the end of the week.. took a toyota tundra extended cab and i have to say it was the fist time i have ever been comfortable driving. too bad it is a 45000$ truck


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