The Tall Street Journal

An article for the tall woman wearing heels out there!

Hey guys!


My name is Sussan and I am 180 cm. I currently work as a junior copywriter for StyleTread. We're an online shoe store and as the girl in charge of the blogs I have dedicated a blog entry to tall girls wearing heels.


I personally have only worn heels once or twice out and the experience wasn't great. It was rather horrible actually. Certain guys continued to remind me how tall I was so it was hard to be excited about my gorgeous shoes.


Anyways so this is my article and I would love it if you guys could check it out and comment.


This isn't an advertisement more so a rallying of the troops. The more of us that stand up and say tall girls in heels is sexy and not freakish outside of our own little circles the more of us that will feel confident when wearing heels.


So check out  on the 29th of June to see my article.


Thanks in advance guys!!!

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