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Has anybody heard about the Qantas airline charging an extra $160 for Tall People to sit in the exit row seats?

Petra from Tall People United just brought this to my attention a few moments ago.

I have to admit that I've never been on a plane before. I'm not entirely sure what the argument is because it's never been something that I've had to face. However, I do have an idea of what it would be like to take a trip in a seat that has no leg room. I understand the need to find a seat that would allow for extra room. I do take the train often and I will search the cars for those seats that offer some extra space. I'm not charged extra for taking that seat.,23739,25539308-952,00.html <~ Petra's Interview

I for one don't think it's right.

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I havent heard about this extraneous fee... but I have paid upwards of 40 bucks per leg of each flight to sit in an exit row seat so that I can actually FIT in the damned airplane. Southwest doesnt allow you to chose seats and therefore, its RATHER unlikely you will get an exit row seat... Airtran charges 20 bucks per each direction and all other airlines that I have flown share that in common. Its bullshit that we would have to pay extra to fit in the fucking plane... shouldnt it be their responsibility to seat us comfortably? Its not like its something we control!
I think most of the airlines are doing this now. I fly a lot on business and have not seen one that doesn't charge for extra space. A friend of mine who is tall was on a flight recently that was $100 per leg of a flight which she could not afford.

If your legs are locked into a position for a few hours it is bad medically. I made this case to my employer backed up with a letter from my doctor and I am allowed to fly business class or the equivalent.

Before airlines started charging for extra leg room, I could always get someone to trade seats with me. The gate agents were always helpful. Now that you pay for the extra room, people aren't willing to give it up. I imagine a nearly empty plane where someone hasn't paid for the space would work, but I don't see many empty planes these days.

Airlines vary a lot in seat pitch in economy and that might influence how you fly. Seatguru is a good resource
JetBlue charges I think...$10 more, but I'm not positive. I know I paid it on my flight out to Cali in March.
I agree


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