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If you guys have yet to read the column written by Celia Rivenbark about the women who caused an accident while trying to shave her you know what while driving,well I suggest you read it.  I've even done you a favor and made it easy to find right here


I recently bought a few of Celia's books.  I'm currently ready "Stop Dressing Your 6 Year Old Like a Skank" and I have to force myself to put it down so I can get stuff done.  I literally laugh out loud while reading this book.  As soon as I'm done with this one I'm going to purchase "You Can't Drink All Day if You Don't Start in the Morning".


Celia is not a Tall Women.  Matter of fact I think she's quite the opposite. But she's a great read.  If you have 5 minutes check out the article.  And if you laugh as hard as I did you'll enjoy the books.

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