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I know we already have a discussion started for clothes but I thought it would be nice to have one just for shoes.

I mentioned some of these before but my favorite are...

Sometimes I have luck at I wear a size 12 but occasionally I can wear some 11's and they tend to have a good selection of trendy shoes at a reasonable price. I love that they recreate many of the high end styles like Manolo Blahnik.

I just got an email about a new site, looking forward to checking it out.

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This reminds me of a story of when I was in about 7th grade. As it turns out by that time my feet had already hit size 12 which worried my Mom to great extents. We were living in Montana, where selection on anything much less shoes is rather limited. The absolute largest size you could find in the store at the time was indeed a 12.

My mother knew very well and definitely informed me that already at 5'10 with a size 12 foot meant that we were going to have to special order shoes, and that would be expensive.

Well, my little heart and my big feet knew that we could not be affording to special order me shoes to the snow capped peaks of Butte Montana, much less basketball shoes. So, I went to bed every night for weeks praying and praying for one thing.

"Please Lord, make my feet stop growing, so we can afford to keep feeding my family and so we don't have to ship off my little brother to Timbuktu".

Wait. Maybe I wanted to ship him to Timbuktu. In any case, I got what I prayed for and to this day I still wear a size 12, sometimes a 13 as I've piled on an extra 100+ pounds and squished my foot down far into my shoes.

Needless to say, its good to see there are getting to be more options for people and there shoes out there. Now if they only shipped more annoying little brothers to Timbuktu.
What a mean mother you must have had to be so afraid for your feet to grow.  You poor thing.  she should have been reported.
I wanted to let you know about a tall clothing site I own: As a 6'2 chick with a size 14 shoe, I was frustrated by the lack of contemporary tall clothing options out there. So, I started We have inseams up to 37-inches and cute shoes (including Kathryn Kerrigan) in sizes 9-14. I hope you check it out. KAT
I wear an 11 and it is a quest to find something fun, funky or sexy. I don't get it. It seems like there are a lot of women who wear larger sizes. It doesn't seem reasonable that stores often have only one or two size 10s if they even get those let alone an 11. Why do they tell you that they only have a size seven? I think they should be trained some other way to tell me that my size is not available. I can't try a size 7 as an option no matter how large they run. c'mon people!
i am starting to wish my feet stopped growing at size 12. i am on a constant search for size 16 shoes anyone have any ideas on where to find something other than a basketball shoe? i got lucky once and found a pair of skateboarding shoes at winners but nothing in that last year
Kathryn is great! She was all about The Tall Street Journal when it first launched and we had but a handful of members. I told her to wait and give it some time to grow. Guess thats my reminder to let her know that the time is here and its growing now that its been redesigned, the SEO has started rooting in Google and of course that the Tall Genez Team is on the scene. She'll be great to have as part of our community here.

Glad she is doing the shoes for your show Roy.

Not sure if she does mens shoes though Lorne. We need to look into who does do classy big mens shoes.
Hello, I am going to New York in February 2011 and while there I am hoping to shop for some shoes and or boots. Do you have any information about shops that stock larger size ladies shoes (not online). I am a UK size 10 which I think is a 13 in USA sizes. Would love to hear from anyone who might have some information for me. It will be my first visit to the USA, my husband is taking me for my 50th birthday which occurs while I am there so any tips for good things to do, places to see, and places to eat would be great to hear, thank you, Mandy.
Here is a new one and they even have a retail location. Size 12 Lakeforest Mall 701 Russell Ave Gaithersburg, MD 20877. Store Hours Mon-Saturday 10-9PM Store Phone: 240-654-1223 had my size when I last bought shoes. They also have free shipping and easy returns if you get the wrong size.
My daughter is 12 and already stands 6'2.5". She wears an 18 women's shoe. the only place we've been able to find them is Friedman's in Atlanta. Great shop, love the guys that work there. They always take the time to fit my daughter and not let her pick just on looks.


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