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I know there are ton of them out there. Lets get started with some of the best you have been called.

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I've been told that when I dance it looks like a praying mantis freaking out....a bunch of legs.
Ha ha ha. Hmmm, wondering who came up with that one, there are many suspects of course.
When I take pictures of people, they call it the "Skycam". Well, actually I call it the Skycam now, and actually try shooting pictures as high as possible.
Kamazon is my all time favorite!

I like that one.  Kamazon.  It only works with your name however, so at least someone was unique...

Tall glass of water, Amazon woman, Legs, and the ever so imaginative "tall bitch." haha
I have been called shorty (!) before.... with legs that go on for miles and miles.....
Oh and Kam.... I too, was a victim of "Samazon." How did we luck out by being tall and having a name with "am" in it?
Lets see, Olive Oil, bigbird, and for all of you old basketball fans Manute Bo (back in high school) Legs seems to be the stuck nickname, sometimes I think my friends have forgotten my real name. Twiggy,giraffe,shorty, lotsalegs, geez, I think i have the biggest asses for friends lol! I think I rattled off more than most on here!
Tall drink of water,amazon,huge bitch, etc lol i just laugh with them and make fun right back.
Funny one when I was getting a piggy back ride frm a friend (guy) who is 5'5 and I almost could walk beside him while on his back, and someone screamed out I looked like a giraffe on a tricycle.
Giraffe on a tricycle! HA. At least he was creative. I think they are starting some kind of tricycle racing league in Atlanta. I do not think that will be a Tall Sport.
there was this creepy old janitor at my old job who used to call me Shaq lol ... real creative!!!
Lets see...I get called stilts, six, legs and so much more. I don't care though I'm 5'10", taller than most of the people I am in contact with & I still wear 4 inch heels and love it!!


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