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Where does everyone have the best luck finding the right clothes to fit?

Big and Tall seems obvious, only problem for me is the "and" part. I'm just tall, don't have a huge waist (although pizza and building websites at 3am helps).

Best spots I've found so far are.
* Mens Wearhouse
* KG Men Outlet
* Marshalls/Ross ( the tags aren't always right so sometimes you find gems for low cost dollar deals. This was must shopping in college).

I'm not sure about the girls, I'm sure they can chime in, but I've heard good things about Long Tall Sallys if you ever happen to be in London on Oxford Street.

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Tall Girl Shop is a good store. There isn't a store in Atlanta, but you can shop online: You may have to pick and choose as some of their selection is not very modern. Another site is You can request a catalog. The opposite of Tall Girl Shop, these clothes are for teenagers; however, I have ordered jeans because they are inexpensive and LONG!
Being a 6'1" fashionista, I am usually disappointed with most of the clothes for tall women. Many designers don't realize that It takes more than a 36" inseam to make a great pair of pants. My solution is on-line shopping but the trick is to order several styles and sizes and send back the one's that don't work. If you are anything like me, you know how hard it is to let go of a pair of jeans that graze the ground even in your highest heels. This process lessens the temptation to keep something that is not perfect but "long enough".

Some of my favorites are...

Mark Shale is a great place for tall women. There is a large selection of pants that come with an unfinished hem, Cambia is a beautiful line for pants and suits. The stores offer free alterations for the life of the garment (this helps justify the price). There is a store at Lenox Mall in Atlanta (ask for Ali, she is an amazing stylist) you can also shop online ( but I'm not sure if online offers unhemmed pants.

Tall etc. ( also has a store in Atlanta. I recommend going to the store if possible as the sizes are not always true to size. Most of the clothes are not my style but I have found several basic pieces like pants and jeans.

Long Tall Sally ( is great for trendy clothes but sizing can be tricky because it is a European store. Totally worth the shipping fee (or plane ticket).

Top Shop (again not yet in the states) has a great tall department for trendy items.

Long Elegant Legs ( has a good selection of lounge wear and workout pants. I'm not crazy about their fashion but they have the best yoga pants I have ever found.

The Gap and Banana Republic tend to bore me but still good places to buy jeans. has a tall department with cute pants.


Other cool sites... - I haven't used it yet but love the concept. - OK, so it has nothing to do with being tall but one of my favorite sites related to shopping.

With Kaboodle, you can collect information from anywhere on the web, put it into a Kaboodle list that you can share with others, and discover other interesting lists from like-minded Kaboodlers. You can also invite your friends to Kaboodle, where you can help one another with research, planning, or decisions on what to buy.
Hey Ladies,
Believe it or not, VS (Victoria's Secret) has some long inseams. Their 36 inseams usually are good for me. The sizes run a little small, so order up for jeans.
They have limited tall people stuff, but check it out! The fit just works better as well :)
I get almost all of my clothes from Eddie Bauer. They really get it too. The tall pants not only have long inseams, they also give an extra couple of inches in the 'rise' so you don't get cut in two from the crotch (they understand that if your legs and arms are longer, so is everything else).
If I want work clothes that will take a beating I usually go with Carhartt. Their t-shirts are the best and the jeans are pretty good (though they don't have the long rise that EB has). The EB stuff is a little pricey, especially if it's not on sale, but the Carhartt stuff won't break the bank.
I'm right with you ladies; clothes can be a bear to fit for us tall girls. For great basics and great prices JCPenney catalog and online has tall sizes and good shoe sizes too. I usually have to order several items to get one or two that fit well. They often have specials with free shipping too.
Jones New York in most malls have long pants but I haven't had much luck with the fit but a friend of mine loves them.
Coldwater Creek catalogs also offer long inseams on their pants. I haven't ordered any of theirs but I think they have some cute jean styles and I might just give them a try.
Thanks for the other ideas.
if your looking for trendy sexy jeans these are 2 brands that i like for curves and go all the way up to a 38 inseam. Just make sure they are fitted because they will stretch.
I also LOVE David Kahn jeans
Nordstrom carries alot of different styles of them. They average $130-$198. Not sure on what inseam's they go up to but im about a 35inseam and most of their styles are long enough
Hi there. Check out as this has a very comprehensive list of shops/online stores for tall women, the bulk of those being in the US. Also a friend of mine told me about Check them out too and see if they are any help.
I'm a bit on the curvy side and I shop at Lane Bryant. I just recently picked up two pairs of long jeans for about $20 bucks a pair. I've been totally pleased with both pair.
Too long for who? Be blessed that you have the use of those arms!!
Check out They have a nice, stylish section for Talls(online). Old Navy (online) has a Tall section too.
At you will find lovely shoes in hard-to-fit sizes for ladies.
I hear good things about Kathryn. Last I heard she was supplying the shoes for the Tall Genez fashion show in L.A. on June 6.


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