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What are some of the dumb quotes or things people have said to you about your height.

Heres my kicker from the last few weeks.

Standing at the elevator this professionally dressed 40ish looking woman does your typical look, look back, look, look back scenario, then finally hits me with the typical "Did you know you are tall?"

Of course this is an absurd statement to say in the first place, but I politely said, "Yup, a bit bigger than the average bear", or some other non-chalant quip I've developed over time.

Then she doubles back with "No. Really. Did you know that you are REALLY tall".

Umm. Yeah. 30 years of this, figured it out by now. Got you on that one Roger Dodger, I think in my head, politely nodding my head with a little "Yup."

Finally, I kid you not, she uttered this gem "Are you a mutant?"

I wanted to say so many different things like "Uh, yeah, you know Wolverine he is my brother" or "Yeah, I used to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle". Fortunately, I took the higher.. er taller road and went for the stairs.

What lines and/or stories have others had to deal with?

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I always get asked how tall I am, and if I play basketball. I've always loved basketball so I sort of meet bias there. However, if someone asks you what size your shoes are lol.. that's just an opportunity to have fun with the situation regardless.

I have this outrageous urge to put on some clown shoes and go running into 'Shoe Carnival' and ask them "where are the big shoes?" Ha!

whenever people say to me "hey, you're really tall, do you play basketball?"

i respond "yes, hey you're really short, do you play minigolf?"
If I had a dollar for every time some rube asked me, "You're so tall, do you play basketball?" usual comeback to that is, "No. You're so short, do you play miniature golf?"
I was coming out of the restroom at a sportsbar one night and almost collided with a guy at the doorway on his way in. He was about 5'4" tall. I am 6'5". He was startled. He looked up, astonished, and yelled "Jesus Christ!" I just said, "Not quite, but thanks for the compliment!"

Like some of the others on here if someone asks how tall I am, I sometimes say "just 4'29" and watch them try to calculate it out.

Because people seem to lack common sense now a days:


Hey kid, are your parents tall?

Me: No, actually, they suffer from chronic dwarfism and i'm actually really sensitive about the issue.


It's hilarious because it shuts them up reallll fast. :p

after I told my Grandfather about an encounter I had with a rather short individual it was his favorite joke to tell everyone he came into contact with. I was waiting in line forever and before mentioned shorty finally got brave enough to ask how tall I was " after the damn your tall comment" I calmly told him I was 5'20' and he said wow I thought for sure you were over six foot... then I saw the light bulb go off and he turned to his wife and asked her how tall 5' 20" is. when he gets it figured out he says WOW thats tall! do you play basketball? I calmly answered his question with a "no, do you play miniature golf?" oddly enough I got a really good reaction from him. he blew up and got mad but got over it when his wife was ROFLOL it was a good string of good comebacks :-D
I think the best comment that anyone has ever told me out of the blue was " FEE FY FO FUM which beanstalk did you fall from?" all I could do was laugh about that one!
I work at a Bridal Salon and a small women walked in while I was sitting at the front desk. When I stood up she took a step back and exclaimed "You are soooo big" and she looked absolutely terrified. I helped her into a few dresses and she said " How did you get soooo big?" I couldnt say anything because I was at work, but made another consultant help her the rest of the appointment, and laughed about it the rest of the day.
That is another thing I find funny, there is a different connotation when you say big, then when you say tall. I am not a big boned person, I am actually really lanky, the fact she was petrified of how "big" I was just made it funny. I get annoyed when people say "big" all the time.
"How did you get sooooo big?"

That's classic!! Jeez!


Funny stuff. Don't you just love some of the things kids say? Hilarious!

Hope you were able to avoid all the flooding in Australia.


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