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What are some of the dumb quotes or things people have said to you about your height.

Heres my kicker from the last few weeks.

Standing at the elevator this professionally dressed 40ish looking woman does your typical look, look back, look, look back scenario, then finally hits me with the typical "Did you know you are tall?"

Of course this is an absurd statement to say in the first place, but I politely said, "Yup, a bit bigger than the average bear", or some other non-chalant quip I've developed over time.

Then she doubles back with "No. Really. Did you know that you are REALLY tall".

Umm. Yeah. 30 years of this, figured it out by now. Got you on that one Roger Dodger, I think in my head, politely nodding my head with a little "Yup."

Finally, I kid you not, she uttered this gem "Are you a mutant?"

I wanted to say so many different things like "Uh, yeah, you know Wolverine he is my brother" or "Yeah, I used to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle". Fortunately, I took the higher.. er taller road and went for the stairs.

What lines and/or stories have others had to deal with?

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Hmmmm, I think I need to do that. I keep getting called over because I am the tallest person who works in my department.
lol, I get that all the time too. Good answer!!!
Someone once told me that if you get the typical "Hows the weather"?

You should spit on them and say, "Its starting to look like rain"
This was a topic in the tall communities on LJ as well. I thought it would be cool to have a t-shirt with the questions and answers that were posted there, so I made one on I had made it just for myself, but it's become much more popular than I ever thought it would. They were making a little money, and I felt like it wasn't really mine to keep since I didn't have much work in it and some of it had been taken from other peoples' comments. I had been involved with the National Marfan Foundation in the past and decided the couple of bucks per item would go to them.

The best comment I've heard lately was actually in the NMF newsletter and it was from a girl local to me here in Maine. She said that often, when she is getting her picture taken, she is told that she is too tall and they can't get everyone in the frame. Her reply: "Okay, well if you guys want to go get some chairs to stand on I'll wait." I loved it just because we are always asked to conform to everyone else, it was nice to see the tables turned.
Nice. Not sure if CafePress was having issues showing the actually t-shirt, but I was able to dig around and find it and thought I'd at least include the image directly right here.

We'll definitely have to work to get some more information on Marfans on here, as I'm sure a lot of tall people have never even heard of it.

It seems to be showing up okay now?

Thanks for the support too. I am looking for more ideas on raising money so if anyone has any bright ideas I'd love to hear them! :)
I love this one too. I got to try asking them to get chairs:)
"Your hands," they say, "they're perfect for playing the piano! Have you ever thought about playing the piano?"
I don't know why people feel the need to state the Obvious. But they always do. "Your Tall". My Replies.."Really" How on earth did I miss that? and No Shit Sherlock. or "Thank You Caption Obvious". (Depends on what mood I am in ; )
I read one I have wanted to try.

Someone says, "You're tall, do you play basketball?"
Response: "You're short, do you play mini-golf?"
people ask all the time... did u play baskeball?
PEople around the world don't change too much lol

Great topic xDD


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