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What are some of the dumb quotes or things people have said to you about your height.

Heres my kicker from the last few weeks.

Standing at the elevator this professionally dressed 40ish looking woman does your typical look, look back, look, look back scenario, then finally hits me with the typical "Did you know you are tall?"

Of course this is an absurd statement to say in the first place, but I politely said, "Yup, a bit bigger than the average bear", or some other non-chalant quip I've developed over time.

Then she doubles back with "No. Really. Did you know that you are REALLY tall".

Umm. Yeah. 30 years of this, figured it out by now. Got you on that one Roger Dodger, I think in my head, politely nodding my head with a little "Yup."

Finally, I kid you not, she uttered this gem "Are you a mutant?"

I wanted to say so many different things like "Uh, yeah, you know Wolverine he is my brother" or "Yeah, I used to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle". Fortunately, I took the higher.. er taller road and went for the stairs.

What lines and/or stories have others had to deal with?

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My favs :
The 5 footer that comes up to your chest that has the balls to say "Wow, you are really tall. Do you date shorter men?" Ummmmm... Can you repeat that? I can't hear you from down there, troll.. :)
followed by.....
"So you do not date shorter men, but it doesnt matter in bed." Ummmmm... NEG - O - TIVE! Walk away now, shawty. haha
"You are already so tall and then you wear those 4 inch heels." Yes, I do not feel I have to subject myself to ugly ballet slippers in a Size 9 because you think I am too tall to wear heels, sorry!
Here is another good one.... Just because you are over 5'7, people automatically think you model.
My response: " I like to eat... modeling is not an option when you eat" hahaha
and last week's favorite: When walking in Perimeter mall, a group of adolescence scream " America's Next Top model right there."
Ahhh, the abuse we take.... But let's face it, we all like the attention.
what short people don't get its that its all relative--when you're tall, the short people are ackward, and other tall people are more pleasant to talk to.
Totally agree,
I have to remember your Troll comeback..... my least fave was a short little italian dude asking if he could climb me like a tree.... I just placed my hand on his forehead and flattly said No.... then walked away. His group of friends laughed enough to keep my ego from being bruised!

You are right - the positive attention rocks, we get attention no matter where we go, so we might as well glam up, slide on our 4"'s and soak it all in!

You go girl!
I get the "You're really tall, you should model" thing all the time.... somehow people think they're giving me this great idea and I should be greatful. I've been modeling for awhile now, but thanks for the obviously needed advice. Sometimes I get the "So do you like being tall?" with a weird look on their face. Why would I not like being tall? I can put on five pounds and not have to go up a size in jeans, I don't look like I have been compacted, I don't have to take extra strides because my legs are like little stumps and I can see at every concert.
Nice. Yeah that reminds me when people are like "Do you play basketball", followed up with "Well why not, you totally should."

Like this advice had never occured to me before either. I want to turn to them and say, yeah well I'm just not the type of guy that likes million of dollars to play a game. I'd rather commute deal with insane management types and do my own taxes.
You should have asked them if they play miniature golf ; )
"Wow you are the tallest/biggest Asian I've ever seen!"

"Yeah I speak English too. Boo!!!" They run and hide.
LMAO. Fortunately you can just sedate them and rearrange their brain to understand they are dumb.

I can safely say that I've never gotten that comment though.
My favorite is short men who say, "Ooohhh.....I like 'em tall." So then I can say, "YEAH- so do I!"

I also enjoy (sarcasm) being at the grocery store or a clothing store and being asked to retrieve something from a high shelf or high hanger for someone shorter. I'm tall, therefore, I'm expected to help those who are height challenged??? I'm gonna start asking shorter people to pick stuff up for me so I don't have to bend down.
You could probably start charging them.... just tell them it's 5 dollars for every item you assist with.
OK, I love your conclusion. I HAVE to try asking people to pick up stuff for me! LOL


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