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What are some of the dumb quotes or things people have said to you about your height.

Heres my kicker from the last few weeks.

Standing at the elevator this professionally dressed 40ish looking woman does your typical look, look back, look, look back scenario, then finally hits me with the typical "Did you know you are tall?"

Of course this is an absurd statement to say in the first place, but I politely said, "Yup, a bit bigger than the average bear", or some other non-chalant quip I've developed over time.

Then she doubles back with "No. Really. Did you know that you are REALLY tall".

Umm. Yeah. 30 years of this, figured it out by now. Got you on that one Roger Dodger, I think in my head, politely nodding my head with a little "Yup."

Finally, I kid you not, she uttered this gem "Are you a mutant?"

I wanted to say so many different things like "Uh, yeah, you know Wolverine he is my brother" or "Yeah, I used to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle". Fortunately, I took the higher.. er taller road and went for the stairs.

What lines and/or stories have others had to deal with?

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Hmmmm as a 6'5 woman in Northern Ontario Canada...... where the ave height is 5'6" or so, the best is the little old ladies who come at me from across WalMart to tell me I'm tall, or ask me if I was always tall (nah - was short til I hit 30 then BAM, those damn steroids!!), then have the gaul to ask me about my family...... starting to feel like an animal at the zoo.....

Funniest are the drunk guys who talk amongst their group until someone is brave enough (or loses a bet) to ask how tall I am - when I answer "only 5'17", they are shocked and one even said - "Wow, I could have swore you were over 6'" - they were in construction boys and girls!

For those of us who wear heels - the funniest are those who ask why - 'cause their sexy you dork!

Yup - humans are stupid....except for you and me, and I am not sure about you...... giggle!
-"If you would be will me, we could have a bunch of babies and startup a basketball or football team. They could make us rich!"
-"'re tall!"
-"Your big!" (My least favorite comment of all...I'm not big...just tall...two different things.)
-"Do you model, play volleyball, or play basketball?" (Now, I can say "Yes, I do promotional modeling." Before, I used to say, "No, I was a cheerleader in high school.)
-"How's the weather up there?"
-"Do you date shorter men?"
-"How do you find a guy taller than you?"
-"Why would you wear heels when you are that tall?"
-"Don't stand next to me, you make me feel short." (Have you ever thought that you might make me feel taller?)
I get asked if I play basketball ALL-THE-TIME! When I see short people I don't ask them if they're horse jockeys!! It really started get on my nerves after 21 years.... so I made up a story about how I play for UCLA and I'm a power forward... I'm a really good story teller and every person that I've told it to so far has believed me... I've just learned to have fun with people's stupid comments... sometimes things people say are kind of offensive... Like I find the word "Amazon" or "giant" offensive.... but there's a lot of stupid and arrogant people in this word and it's just something I've learned to deal with.

Another time I was working at a theatre when I was in high school. I was standing behind the ticket counter and this man walks up to buy some tickets and stares at me for a moment and in a loud voice he said "YOU STANDING ON A FRICKEN BOX?!?" I was like ummmm no. lol

I know I have more stories and I'll put them up when I think of them!
And we always take the higher road! Because there has been that time in our lives when we did not take the higher road...and that just upsets people.

Back when I was a 6'4" 8th grader, these kids were talking about me to each other as if I couldn't hear. So I turned to them and said, "Yeah, and she's deaf too!" I was so proud of myself until one of the kids mother's turned to me and glared like I had just slapped her ass. Shame on me.
Have you even started? Nice! I wish somebody would ask me that sometime so I could counter with that bit of genius.
The strangest thing anyone has ever said to me is: "Are you really that tall?" To which I replied, " No, I'm pretending!" People are strange aren't they!!?? LOL!
I was at this bar with some friends and this cowboy walks up to me, with his big rim hat and giant belt buckle, lookin like he came straight off the ranch, and says "Hunnie, you look like good breedin stock to me!" I absolutely was speechless! I just turned around and walked off laughing!
I'm 6'3". Like everyone on here, it's practically a daily occurance that someone ask my statistics. I've gotten to the point where I just smile and say "I don't answer that question unless it follows a compliment."
I have had that question posed to me as well.... at 6'5" I would be very silly to keep my male dates to my height or taller... People are silly and too lazy to use their brains before opening their mouths. A pity really!
Anyone who attempts to start a conversation with me by saying "I know you must get this all the time, but ..." is a moron.
I worked with a guy once back in the day, that just about every day would say wow your tall.
I often thought holy crap your short, deal with it.
Ugh! One time I went out to the bar and was dancing (with my short friends, somehow all my friends are short) and these guys kept pushing their small (I'm talking 4'5 at teh most) friend to dance with me. I, wearing jeans and my sweet 4 inch boots stepped over him and walked through my friends.


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