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oh ya i have gone through the hole aching knees feeling more then once and still have them every once in a while, and when those times roll around i do eat what ever i can find

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Yeah, if you start to feel a lot of pain right below the knee cap and even get some swelling down there, I think thats pretty common for tall teens. Basically what is happening is the ligaments that stretch over the top of the knee are pulling hard on the bone right below your knee. Sometimes this causes the bone to kind of microfracture little pieces of bone out into the tissues right there. That bone then continues to calcify causing a larger bump.

I think the best way to resolve this is to get plenty of milk and calcium. Its more common in tall people because I think your body needs so much more nutrients as you growing.
The pain eventually goes away..Good luck with that..
Ever since I was like two I have only been on hole milk or I guess more like raw milk from a dairy so when people ask what I eat to get this big I just tell I drink the milk and eat the venison lol…and after drinking that I can’t stand store bought milk I know I sound picky but ya
You'd never tell my taking a look at my skinny ass, but I'm an eating machine. I went to college and my mom sends me her diminished grocery receipts, it's entertaining.

When I was 12 or so I had ridiculous growing pains in my thighs, they would keep me home from school and everything.


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