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I know there are ton of them out there. Lets get started with some of the best you have been called.

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Stretch, Ladder, Inspector Gadget, Giraffe-Man, Fezzik, Lurch, Mt. Bacus, Big Dick, Thurisaz, and lord only knows how many more.
People called me lurch in highschool. It didn't really bother me. I figure people do it because they pride themselves on coming up with other peoples nicknames as if they think they're are being clever. They have no idea how unoriginal they are.
I had a friend who simply called me "Tall Guy" all the time instead of my real name. He told me it was funny. I told him he was an idiot.
At 6'9 and over 400lbs I get them all... Big'un, Moose, Big Foot, etc. Some of the best ones are ger'Ralph (my name is Ralph), Leaf-eater, Wide Load, Poppa Heavy, Big Daddy, Big Dog, Hoss. Sometime I get tired of the constant attention and comments but in all honesty if the attention stopped I would probably feel cheated...
I get Babe-zilla all the time.

If anyone else had called me this I probably would have been a bit annoyed but there is a story behind the nickname that I was inadvertently given once:


I used to live in Cameroun and while there I became quite friendly with a number of Christian missionaries. One particular family of missionaries had just arrived from Tennessee, a man, his wife, and his three young children, aged 2, 4 and 8. They were gearing up to travel with the nomadic herdsmen in northern Sudan, and the local missionary community decided to throw them a "good luck and Godspeed" party which I was invited to. As soon as I showed up, the littlest child just stared up at me and his eyes turned round. He pointed at me and said, with that southern twang, "Mr. Tree! Mr. Tree! Mr. Tree!"

BIG FOOT { size 16 }

It sounds like everyone has a great many of the same names given to them at somepoint and I like the comment of how some peopel "think" they are being so original but have no idea how wrong they are!  I am 6' 8" I get jolly green, sasquach, big foot, ( even though I think I have small feet (13) reletive to my size) stilts, lurch, conan, sometimes just a casual "hello Tree"  tall one, I have never been called giraffe. my most favorite nic name was givent to me by my Uncle, he calls me Diesel cause he figures I am big enough to burn it! and its cool cause I own a diesel truck! very comfy to ride in for tall people


"Sasquatch"..oh yeah..

"Lurch"...(from the Adams Family)..

"Mon Gros Tabernacle"..."my big church" in french..

Skybox, Moose, Lurch, Crazy Legs (I actually like that one)


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