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I know there are ton of them out there. Lets get started with some of the best you have been called.

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Stilts. Nice, not sure how I have never heard that one. Keep wearing those heels!
I once had a lady on the street look at me and say...Your so tall you can almost see Jesus! That has to be one of my all time favs :-)
In high school people used to refer to me as "Amazon Ashley" "Oger" "Jolly Green"

After the movie Duece Bigelow came out I'd hear such remarks as "That's a big bitch"

My favorite though was when I was teaching at the Preschool. All the tables and chairs are extra tiny for all those little legs. It was at the end of the day when the parents were coming to pick up their children. I had tripped over some of the blocks and came a tumbling down. I knocked over tables, chairs and even a book case. One of the dads starting laughing hysterically and made a comment about the movie "Attack of the 40 foot woman" I'll never forget it. It was pretty funny... after the bruises healed anyway. And from that day forward he always made some smart ass remark.
I've been called "nice breedin' stock"...awesome...
Mostly I get 'Big Fella' which I'm personally very happy with! My Mum would have been delighted that the following phrase has been immortalised on the Internet - she was called "six foot and a beanpole, Gaffer Sale's lass". The six foot and a beanpole should need no explanation but her Dad was known, in their Yorkshire town, as Gaffer Sale (her maiden name), hence the Gaffer Sale's lass bit. I hope that makes sense!!
I've heard a bunch too...El Gigante, Shaq, sasquatch, Jolly Green Giant, Too Tall, Jumbo, Tiny (haha, so freakin funny), Shorty,...and on and on.

One of the funniest things that's ever happened to me happened when I was 16 or 17. I was in a grocery store and a little boy (about 4 or 5) was running down an aisle and when he turned the corner he ran smack dab into my knees and hit the floor. When I bent over to help him up and make sure he was ok, his eyes got huge and he looks at me and says "Are you a giant?" just as innocent as could be. The funniest part was his mom walked up just in time to hear him and had this look of complete and utter embarassment on her She apologized over and over, but it didn't bother me.
I'm 6'6.5" with an extremely narrow frame and a lanky build at 120 lbs. I am called "a tall drink of water" often... but I really have NO IDEA what that is supposed to mean! Do people want to drink me?

I've also been called "Stretch"... "Beanpole"... "Twiggy"... "Sticks"... "Toothpick".
big bird was my nic name in highschool...i hated it! lol
I've been called Tiny since the first day of college. My Uncle called me "Step and a Half" once I hit 6'3"
A few years back I had the tendency to dye my hair a bright red colour which prompted the nickname "Big Red". I know it wasn't meant mean, because I know the guy who came up with it had the hots for me, but I would have preferred "TALL Red" :-)
If ever there was a truth for a guy to remember. Never, ever, ever do you ever, use the word big when you mean tall.

I had a redhead friend one time that a guy said, what kind of fire ladder do I need to climb up to the top of you and put that fire out.

At work we have partitioning between the desks that's 150cm high and I lean over all the time to talk to my co-workers. One of them said I look like a giraffe leaning over a fence. Wasn't too happy about that, but I couldn't help but laugh :-) I got him back though ;-)


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