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Why Tall Women Should Wear High Heels

So at 6ft2, I’m very tall. If I hadn’t noticed this fact, I would have found out very quickly – from the ten strangers a day who feel the need to let me know.

There are many strange things about being tall but one of the most annoying has to be complete strangers (or fashion professionals incognito??) who feel compelled to tell me that as a tall girl, I should not wear heels.

I didn’t wear heels until my early 20’s because I couldn’t get them in my size but now I can and you can’t get me out of them – particularly 3 or 4 inch one’s on a night out.

Now look, people don’t go around telling short girls they shouldn’t wear flat shoes so why do 60% of the peopl e I meet insist on telling me that, as a tall girl, I shouldn’t wear heels?

Tall women should wear heels and here’s my top reasons why:

- As stylist and fashionista Jay Manuel says “Everyone can look like a supermodel with a bootleg trouser and a high heel” (it does quite ring true if you say ‘ballet flat’ instead of ‘high heel’ , does it?).

- They make you seem leaner and slimmer.

- The give you the best walk which just can’t be replicated in flats.

- They give you better legs, slimmer ankles and accentuate the best of your figure.

- The are the glamorous and somehow that changes how you feel and behave.

- Is your love-life lacking? Well get some high heels on! No, not just because men seem to love them but because, according to the latest research by Dr Maria Cerruoto , wearing high heels improves your pelvic floor muscles, and we modern girls all know what that does for you.

- They make you taller. Yes, I really did say that! Your height is something to be proud of and to be honest, when you’re very tall, 3 inches isn’t actually going to make a whole lot of difference to how tall you look (6ft and 6ft3 all look the same from down there).

- They make your feet look smaller.

- When was the last time you read the words “fabulous flat pump”? Exactly.

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Comment by Jay Ferris on September 25, 2009 at 1:10pm
I don't even need to read this (but I did) to agree with you. Tall or short, legs just plain look sexier in heels. Besides, 6'2" with 4" heels would bring you almost to eye level with me... and how is that a bad thing?
Comment by Laura Puckett on October 7, 2009 at 2:54am
This is so awesome!! And SO true!!!

I always tell people that if all the other girls in the place took their shoes off at the same time I did, I would still be THIS much taller than everyone else!!
Comment by Wm Daniel Matthias on November 3, 2009 at 7:24pm
I couldn't agree more with this article. It makes me cringe when I hear a tall women tell me she can't wear high heels because she is tall. There is a time and a place for heels, It just doesn't look right when a woman wears a party dress and she is wearing flats.

One of the amazing things about my 6' tall Girlfriend she loves to wear heels, she even wore a pair of Red 5" platform shoes for her birthday party and she looked absolutely amazing.
Comment by Subomi A on November 9, 2009 at 12:15am
haha im 6'2" and proud!


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