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Tall Girls: Form an Orderly Queue for Twilight's Edward please.

I think I’m missing something. It seems as if the ENTIRE world has gone crazy for Twilight and the Totty Two-some that is ‘Edward’ and ‘Jacob’. Every day my Facebook updates are full of new converts with friends statuses proclaiming their love for for one, or both, of the hot, young men after seeing New Moon. I’m lost - what is it about the films and these two that have women from 14-40 yrs old behaving as if they’ve got a teenage crush? I’ve got no idea.

I am told it’s because ‘Edward’ embodies some of the ultimate desirable traits in a man such as romanticism, strength, gentleness but with a dangerous edge. Er.. ok. Maybe I’m just still in my bad boy phase but I like a man to be buff, dark and sporty - not all pale, dead and lean.

Well, maybe Robert Pattinson is just a little bit more interesting to me following the recent revelation that he only used to date tall girls. The British heart-throb is 6ft 1stated in a recent article that he used to only be attracted to women the same height as him.

“I used to go for these tall Amazonian girls but now I like anything! …”

Robert is rumoured to be dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart and has said that, obviously now more mature at 23, he is more interested in intelligence than good looks.

“I like smart people like Tina Fey, she is the sexiest woman. I always thought I would get more girls after I got involved in movies. And it never, ever happened! I thought, ‘I’m going to be a big movie star and I want to go out with some models!’ ”

Uh huh… “want to go out with some models” ? Seems like young Pattinson is dipping his toe into the average-height girls pool but is holding out for one of us lovely, tall women to sweep him off his feet. So, sorry to my friend Michaela who’s only around 5ft2, but I think this will make my friend Liz (6ft), a massive Twilight fan who got to meet the lovely ‘Edward’ the other day, feel like Christmas has come early!

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Comment by Ashley Anne on January 5, 2010 at 9:51am
I must admit, I am a pretty big Twilight fan. The books anyway. I've read all the books and plan to read the again soon. I've seen the movies but I don't think I'm very into the whole "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" "hotties" (I kinda think Robert Pattinson looks kind of deformed in the face... something about the eyes) ... Give me Brad Pitts Interview with the Vampire any day!! I love vampire novels. I love romance novels. I love the two combined. I just like to see the books played on the big screen. It helps to feed my imagination!!


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