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Oh good golly Miss Molly!! I'm sooo very excited to finally be over the harsh cold of the winter season. I've been so active lately. It's been great. I have my spring bulbs planted out on my patio. I've completely transformed my Fiances back patio from the bachelor pad into something a little more feminine. Of course nothing is in bloom yet, so it still looks like the patch of dirt it used too. Only now there are a few subtle differences, like the big green pots and the solar lights I've staked into the ground. Oh! He also bought me a new wind chime.

Because of the seasonal change I've been putting off Tall IN Indy a little. It's still on the back of my brain and I've been approaching people like crazy. I'm currently working on our first social event. On top of trying to plan my wedding!! I'm still trying to find a job too!! I feel like a crazy person.

There are so many things that I want to do this Summer too. I really want to go to the Rothbury Festival this summer. The Disco Biscuits, Zappa plays Zappa, John Butler, Guster, Flogging Molly, Brett Dennen and soooo many more. I really just want to dance barefoot in the lawn, smell like dirt and BO and do what it is that a person such as myself does at a 3 day outdoor music festy. Tickets are only a little over $300 a person... I fear that with planning my wedding for September, this isn't going to fly.... ***Sad Face***

However there are some Indy shows that I want to see. Jim Gaffigan will be in Indy in May... Hooooot Pockeeeeet!! If you haven't seen any of his stand up, YOUTUBE IT!!! He's a Indiana Native... So you know I gots to show my love.

I hope everyone out there on TTSJ is doing well!!

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