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MRketplace's article about Big and Tall Menswear

Hi guys,

I’d like to share an article I’ve just found. You know that to me, the best brand in big and tall menswear is Jonathon Charles Big and Tall menswear ( ). They have a wide range of clothing and footwear and I’ve never been disappointed. They started their adventure in 1987 and have since grown to get 7 shops across the midlands. 

Surviving in any industry is really hard as many challenges appear and competitors are ferocious. The magazine MRketplace has actually decided to analyze the Big and Tall industry through the eye of successful brands in an article published in March/April 2014. I find it really interesting as they show that only experts and clever brands can prosper. 

To me, this is another proof that we can trust brands like Jonathon Charles as they are independent and they do their best for both of us.

Have a good read!

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