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Every summer I have the same challenge....trying to find cute, trendy flip-flops that actually fit. I have too many pairs of flip-flops where my feet hang off the back - not good!

While on vacation in Florida, I discovered my now FAVORITE flip-flops, Havaianas!! Most cute flip-flops only go to size 10, but Havaianas go up to size 12!! Hallelujah! Long are the days where I have to wear flip-flops where my feet hang off the back!

Not only are Havaianas super cute and trendy, they are are the most comfortable flip-flops I have ever worn, by far! Unlike other flips-flops, they are very squishy and never rub my skin or give me blisters.

Havaianas are about $24/pair, but they are extremely durable and will last multiple seasons! They can be purchased at several retailers (i.e. GAP, Dillard's, etc), but I have only found the larger sizes on the Havaianas website.

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