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A few minutes ago we were notified of the Susann B account that joined The Tall Street Journal and subsequently spammed everyone's comments. Her account has been banned and all of her activity on the site has consequently been deleted.

While the computers do a very good job of identifying and removing potential spammers, it is the community that helps in identifying and removing professional spammers and other seedy types.

A big "tall" thanks to Jonese for being the first to report this nefarious account. He may not be the tallest guy, as you can see he has a big smile and watches out for our community. Feel free to stop by his profile and leave him some thanks for ratting that bot out.

Depending upon your Tall Street Journal Privacy Settings, you may or may not have received an email notification of a new comment on your page. Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively take back those emails, but you will not see the comment either since all of her actions have been deleted.
Click on your Privacy Settings in the upper right hand corner after you have logged in to control features like..
  • Moderating your comments on your profile, photos, blogs
  • Controlling who can see your profile, photos, blogs
  • Update when the system should and should not automatically email you
  • Which activities show in the "latest activity" section of the homepage
  • plus more

Thank you for your understanding and leave any comments and/or ideas you have below about our community and website. Questions are always welcome here and there are few dumb ones (aka don't ask about the weather up here - most likely you live up here too.)

Finally don't forget to tell your tall friends and family about our city. As our community grows so does our information. The major benefit of being a part of this community is to use the thoughts and ideas of others who are in your same situation, even if it is just to get smarter comebacks to dumb questions.

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Comment by Cheyenne Throckmorton on May 12, 2009 at 3:27pm
I just added a new feature into the system that requires new people to add a profile picture before coming a member.

It may deter some people from signing up, but if they planned on being a "real" tall member they'd at least put up a picture of a tree or something, whereas the bots won't necessarily be programmed to get past this barrier.


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