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This week I interviewed with a local catering company for an Event Planner Position. I have been an Event Planner for quiet some time now. I'm very excited to have this position after being on the job hunt for 6 months!!

I must have interviewed at least 50 times with various companies. In today's job market there are countless people applying for the same positions. With Jobs being scarce in general employers are being extra picky about who they hire.

The company that I'm working for has basically thrown me in with no real training with the idea that I will either sink or swim. Well I can tell you, my tall friends, that not only am I swimming, but I'm swimming laps, running figure eights and biking my way into the Indianapolis 500 Race Day Celebrations.

Unfortunately now that I'm working I will not be able to attend the Carb Day Festival. I will not be out and about with my friends this year being an intoxicated fool. Instead I'll be bringing home the bacon. I like the bacon a little more than a good time at this point in time of my life ;)

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Comment by Cheyenne Throckmorton on May 18, 2009 at 5:47pm
Congratulations on getting the job and also kicking ass in it. I have a lot of friends in this space and they seem to really enjoy it. One of my friends at Altanta Chocolate Fountains just does chocolate and knows pretty much everything about chocolate. Funny how there are so many tiny niches in the world.
Comment by Ashley Anne on May 18, 2009 at 9:05pm
I can honestly admit that I am a catering/event planning JUNKIE. I just got my recent Cater Source magazine in the mail and screeched with delight!!! I want to eventually own my own venue and feature a plethora of audio visual packages on top of an excellent menu. Since my beau is an A/V geek I'm covered!!!


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