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I recently asked my boyfriend if he was cheating on me. In the back of my head I kind of knew but didn't want to ask fear of knowing the truth. At my old apartment his Ex would drop him off or he would go places with her. That was happening one too many times for me so I finally just had to ask. Anyway his answer was yes but not sexually. WTF does that mean? I kind of know, but I'm not quite sure. I would like someone else's opinion on what that means. When I asked him that question he paused so was expecting him to say "yes, I have been cheating on you", but then he said not sexually. That still hurt me. I had to walk out for a moment because I didn't want him to see me cry . It's just not fair!!! I do a lot for him and she reaps all the benefits of spending time with him, going places with him, etc. I love him sooo much that I'm afraid to let him go. The situation is stressing me out. I don't know what to do. Love is blind…….that is sooo true. Is it ok to be friends with your Ex? If so to what extent is ok?

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Comment by Cheyenne Throckmorton on June 18, 2008 at 12:08am
Well, I'm glad to see you are the first one other than myself to use the blogging option on here. Sorry to see its not a happy blog, but hopefully it figures itself out in the end.

From my perspective I can't see why a guy would admit to emotionally cheating but not sexually cheating like that would be a better thing. Of course, then again, I've been told my emotional quotient (EQ) is pretty low and I don't know anyone involved really either.

My grandparents always say to follow your heart. Not that I know what that means, other than the easy way to say "I have no clue what you should do, but follow your heart always sounds nice".
Comment by Nonah on February 2, 2009 at 12:45am
Thank You


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