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Good Bye 2009 it was fun while it lasted...Heelllllooooo 2010!!

In my head I've titled this blog like a pick up line. I feel like I've broken up with 2009!! All in all I had a really good year. I started my job with the Catering Company. I started Tall In Indy, (which do to the job has pretty much taken the back burner). It's amazing how much free time you have when you're unemployed and how much time you don't when you work non-stop!!! Since my last blog I've since been promoted!! So... doin' good there!!

I got married this year.… Continue

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Back to the Work World for ME!!!

This week I interviewed with a local catering company for an Event Planner Position. I have been an Event Planner for quiet some time now. I'm very excited to have this position after being on the job hunt for 6 months!!

I must have interviewed at least 50 times with various companies. In today's job market there are countless people applying for the same positions. With Jobs being scarce in general employers are being extra picky about who they hire.

The company… Continue

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Star Trek was pretty frakin AWESOME!! (No spoilers! I promise!)

I'm going to try my very hardest not to let in on what exactly happens in the movie.

Let me first let you all know that I'm pretty much a SciFi Fanatic!! I don't have any claimed allegiance to Star Trek or Star Wars. I do however love the movies!! (My future in-laws however are HUGE Trekies!) I will watch it all! And yes, I do go yo Gen Con every summer. I like to say FRAK! I'm pretty much a geek.

I have already seen the movie, (twice). And I'm ready to see it again,… Continue

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Spring is in the Air

I am loving the weather we are having here in Indy. This weekend is supposed to be one of the best weekends we've had so far this year. I personally am taking advantage of it. I'm planning to make a trip down to my mothers with my Fiances family to have a cook out and talk about wedding plans!! I've got a baseball game to attend. I must say I'm looking forward to a brew and a hot dog.

I do have to slightly rant about Tall Clothing for a moment. My poor fiance. He is quite tall… Continue

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Spring is HERE!!!

Oh good golly Miss Molly!! I'm sooo very excited to finally be over the harsh cold of the winter season. I've been so active lately. It's been great. I have my spring bulbs planted out on my patio. I've completely transformed my Fiances back patio from the bachelor pad into something a little more feminine. Of course nothing is in bloom yet, so it still looks like the patch of dirt it used too. Only now there are a few subtle differences, like the big green pots and the solar lights I've staked… Continue

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I'm all over the place!!!

If you haven't figured this out yet, I'm very persistent and aggressive.

Any way!!! I made my first Vlog for Tall In Indy... Excuse the Lag in the sound and video. (I'm not completely computer savvy!!!<~that's with a v not a w when I re read it it confused ME!) Oh and excuse the Cat.... She loves me a… Continue

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I need to take off my grumpy pants and put on my jolly shoes!!

I've been somewhat bummed today. I'm currently unemployed and interviewing like crazy to find another job. I've had 13 interviews in the past 3 weeks. I've been driving all over town, putting on my best face, with my awesome smile and wearing some great shoes!!

Today I'd been feeling like all my efforts have just been completely fruitless. Not only with the Job, but with starting Tall In Indy. I've come across some pretty amazing people lately. It's been really nice. But I had been… Continue

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