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a small survey for a tall person's product

Hey there

This is Jheri and I am helping out a bit on the Colleenified Countertops for tall people. We're not making any money on this, it just seemed like a good idea because cooking can be a pain if you are tall.

There are some other ideas for products for talls and particularly tall women, but the maker needs to be convinced this is a viable product before she goes ahead - it is a small woman-run business in Kentucky that is tall friendly, but they can't afford to make… Continue

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exercises for tall people

Cheyenne asked about this as I worry about it.

Some of you are athletes and maybe you can add.

The first thing to note is that I am NOT a doctor and you might want to talk to one who understands this sort of thing. Your normal physician might be a fine person, but you need to talk to someone who specializes in sports medicine. Get assessed by them and they might prescribe a few sessions with physical therapists who specialize in sports physical therapy. This makes a huge… Continue

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Tall Office Chair - The Search - UPDATE with Solution

Search for the best tall office chair

So I stop looking like this guy everyday

So I'm looking around at buying a good office chair for my home office, but find that most "tall" designations are for people 6'1 and taller. Nothing against 6'1 people, but I'm a bit taller than that at 6'11".

That extra 10 inches of height and 300+ pounds of support needed means that…


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a raised height cutting board for tall cooks

I have a lot of lower back pain when I'm bending over the low counter in the kitchen for more than about ten minutes at a time. My friend Colleen has a longer way to bend.

She and a friend came up with a raised height counter top. It is much cheaper than having custom cabinets and counters put in. They found a manufacturer and a product will be announced in soon on her blog. Feel free to share it with tall or even just tallish cooks.

The length and width can be custom and… Continue

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a fantastic way to deal with stares and those questions and comments

Face it, it you are tall you get a lot of stares and questions and comments. I think tall women get it even more because it is more ok to be tall if you are a guy.

I deal with this by being positive. When someone asks a dumb question or makes one of those comments we all hear, I smile and give them a complement. It completely changes what goes on and can leave both of us happy. I've had some very nice conversations that have started this way and have been able to have met some… Continue

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TALLs on Martha Stewart. Monday deadline!

If you're 6' or taller, and can be in New York City on Feb. 18, go to Martha Stewart's website for FREE tickets to be in her ALL TALL Audience that day. BUT HURRY, Mon., Jan. 11 is the deadline to apply. Arianne Cohen (author of The TALL Book) will be a guest, and possibly Holli Jennings, Miss Tall International! Order tickets from:

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Good Bye 2009 it was fun while it lasted...Heelllllooooo 2010!!

In my head I've titled this blog like a pick up line. I feel like I've broken up with 2009!! All in all I had a really good year. I started my job with the Catering Company. I started Tall In Indy, (which do to the job has pretty much taken the back burner). It's amazing how much free time you have when you're unemployed and how much time you don't when you work non-stop!!! Since my last blog I've since been promoted!! So... doin' good there!!

I got married this year.… Continue

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