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Should we have more guest? Talk about tall women issues? Dating? Tall childhood memories? Share your feedback with us! We love to hear from you!

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You may already have it, but I think it would help for people to have an expectation of what to expect when the show starts.

Things like you don't have to be on a computer, you can just call in.

If you call in, you can just listen, and it will only tap you when you press one.

You can listen to it online.

You can chat to the host and others while show is ongoing.

When listening online there is about a 20-30 second delay.

You will probably need to launch an external audio player (aka it won't happen in the browser). I had to launch windows media player.

Those are just some quick ideas off the top of my head from a technical standpoint, that may help people past the first level of engagement.
There's nothing I can do about the formatting of the radio dashboard that is set...and you can't do it live out of a browser... that's a development issue, I have no control of. Yes, I will be promoting the times, events, etc. If you go to my site, I created a podcast section called "radio" and you can see all the info, days times, topics.

There is always a lag on radio, phone, etc. If someone is using the phone and want to there voice, Don't, it's a lag. the phone and radio will have a lag too. Welcome to the world of radio.

I will have some press info on how to call the radio show soon on

I'm creating a monthly calender now, so I will be ahead one month out -- and will list the schedule on the website soon. More to come.

Thanks for the input, I'm on the same wave.
Absolutely no problem on your end!

I understand that thats just how the technology is and actually it was way better than I suspected. I was merely stating that having a section telling people what to expect (since for many it will be their first online radio show) would be a nice touch, just so they don't get frustrated with setting up the computer, or scared to call and listen in, because they are afraid they might have to go on air.
Oh yes, I agree. I am working to upgrade my site as we speak, I had to do my IT website, because Microsoft deleted my website by mistake, and I had to move it over to my own server. So my next large project is to upgrade some features on Tall Expression.

Good point! If anyone is listening, calling into the radio show -- you will just be listening to the show, the only way to get in queue to ask a question or comment is by hitting 1 on your phone. I have the control to unmute you, when I grab a caller.

But I will add all this info on the site coming soon, to help members out! Thanks, Cheyenne! :-)
What happens if you have 2 or 3 people in the queue? Do you have a visualazation on the computer screen, or does it just automatically cycle through the callers first in first out and you just have to guess at who is on.


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