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Is there anyplace that is a lot better than another for taking a tall person on a date?

From a man's perspective, if you are planning on dinner, you better check the place out first for stuff like the size of the chairs. I imagine if a girl couldn't sit comfortably then she'd have a hard time enjoying the date.

Girls you might want to think twice before wanting to take your tall man to the amusement park. I mean it sounds awesome, you riding all the awesome rides and him standing there waiting for you tell him all about it since he was "too tall to ride that ride".

What other thoughts do you all have for great dating places, or ones to avoid for that matter.

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Well, to be honest, I'm 6 ft 9, and my girlfriend's 5 ft 7, and we did all the usual stuff, i mean, we had a picnic, went to the cinema, went out for a coffee - and we had no real problems, although somewhere where you're sitting down is always good - to avoid any potential awkwardness :)


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