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Equilibrium is one of my favorites that not everyone has heard about.

Its kind of like a poor mans Matrix, which in and of itself is a great series of movies.

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Oh yes, Christian Bale. Great Flick!!!

One of my favorites is Stargate. Kurt Russel was awesome it the movie... However the TV series with Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping. EXCELLENT!!

I think Richard Dean Anderson Beats Chuck Norris any day!
Another favorite flick of mine : "Serenity" directed by Joss Whedon!! Or the TV Series "FireFly"

If you haven't seen either I suggest getting into it!!

I just started watching Dexter last night.... So far so good, it's more thriller than scifi though
I feel like I've never seen stargate, but that i problably should have.

I've never really gotten into too many sci-fi tv series, they always seem to get cheesed up by some TV executive someway. Warehouse 13 wanted to be promising, but just too cheesy.

Sci Fi probably takes a bigger budget and higher level thought than TV can produce, especially in the new cheap economy of reality TV.
Equilibrum was awesome, but my favorite is Serenity & the TV show that went with it Firefly


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