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I'm just curious as to what other people are watching on TV these days. I have a few shows that I absolutely obsess over. There have been many times when I have just about died to talk to somebody about it.

So what do you watch??

(I watch)
Dexter - Showtime
Hereos - NBC Monday
Doll House - Fox Friday (directed by Joss Whedon!!! LOVE HIM)
True Blood - Showtime
The Tudors - Showtime
Caprica - New series starts in January 22 on SciFi
Eurecka - Sci Fi

I've got a couple of others on Sci Fi and Show Time that I watch... These are just a few that I'm really excited about lately.

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<~~ Joss Whedon on IMDb

I love his work and the characters he favors and keeps using!!


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