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Thought this might be of interest to some of you out there, just being curious about generally who some of the visitors to The Tall Street Journal are, since a lot of visitors do not become members.

If you have your own sites, feel free to ask me questions, as I do a lot of web development, analytics and seo.

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Your blogs and website rock! I love the way you've done it! I want my blog to be colourful and funky too. As you have seen, it isn't LOL! How do I change it? Is Eblogger the best one to use? I want to add music to my blog but it wont' let me even though I follow the instructions :-( What can I do to jazz it up and make it more appealing to the eye? Any other suggestions about anything else would be gratefully recieved! Muchos Gracias!!
The one major thing I would suggest for your blog is to buy your own domain name. I buy my domains from

With your own domain name you then get to build up your "brand" without something like stuck in your URL.

Also, should you ever decide to move to a different technology in the future like Wordpress or elsewhere, you would just switch your domain name over to that domain and any links people and put to your website still would work.

Hope that makes sense.


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