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Tall women dating shorter men? Tall men dating childsized women?

What are thoughts on either of these situations? I'm a tall woman and have dated men taller and men shorter than. I loved being able to wear high heels and have my man be taller still. I haven't come across a lot of available taller men recently and a girl wants to get out soooo... Yes, I know ultimately it is the kindness and respect from your lover that matters.

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I have no height requirement, as long as taller than 5.9 :). I feel wonderful in my skin. I want to be surrounded by people who feel wonderful in their own skins. And I prefer beeing surrounded by people who feel wonderful talking to me. Understood a long time ago that I can't please everybody. I prefer to be busy living my life to beeing busy thinking what other's opinion could be.
It could be chalked up to a matter of style and preference. For myself, my first real serious girlfriend was every bit of 6 foot if not more. Although at my height she's still shorter than me, but on the opposite end my ex-wife was an inch and a half from the 'dwarf' label (she was 4' 10"-half). For me, height is not the issue. Although, I say that not ever trying to engage a woman taller than me either. Than again, I don't really fish in a tall pond, but I'd like to say that it wouldn't be the 'breaking' factor for me.
When I was in my late teens, I dated a man 5 inches shorter than I. We were both track and field athletes and we dated for 6 years!! We broke up because I 'out grew' the relationship (pardon the pun.) I wasn't ready to settle down and he was. But he was an awesome date on ALL levels. Besides, the heels thing.... I would have missed out on some great guys if it was required that I need to wear heels and he still be taller than I. I believe its other women who make the snide comments and not so much the men. After all you're having a ball while they are only 'peeping' you!
if they're too short it can be awkward, but it can be worked around.
but a tall six foot tall girl in heels... the legs are quite a sight to see!
tbh i've just dated normal sized girls for the most part and it makes little difference either way.
What's "normal sized"? Is that a reference for the Tall Street Journal crowd as I think the norm here is around 6feet or so?
The truth of the matter is, as tall folk, we notice tall people first. I, for one, will be more grabbed by the tall guy who is a 7 than the short muscle guy who is a 9! However, in this city, beggers cannot be choosers. I have dated VERY tall and am embarrassed to say, have dated some men who are 5'8... haha
I will say this hastily and know I will get some lewd responses, but I know that if I was dating a guy who was 5'9 that my eyes would STILL always wander to the 7 footer... haha Force of nature!
This being said, I will probably marry a midget! hahaha JINX
I've never dated a woman taller than me. In fact, I've never met one. The shortest woman I've dated was 5'5'', the tallest 5'10''. If you look good, you look good. However, it would be nice to find a woman over 6'0''.
my husband ia about 1 to 2 inches shorter than i am and i am 6'2, and coming from a family with a tall guy, he can not even stand me standing close to him "get away, your too tall" well hell he is about 6'6. so although tall guys will look and check a tall gyal out, one has not seriously step to me for a date. i do feel that there is an intimidation factor there, i fell the tall guys want the itty bitties (under 5'8), not sure of the reasons why but who cares, i do have someone that loves these long legs.
I'm 6'4" and have dated men from 5'4" to 6'10" tall. The man I'm currently dating is 6'1 and only dates women taller than he. I actually prefer shorter men and wear heels (usually 3") without hesitation. There is no law or rule that states a women has to be shorter than the man. I'm interested in knowing when and where that assumption originated.
Hey Jacqueline,
How cool that you not mind shorter guys your 6'4 and still wear 3" heels that makes you like 6'7 wow i never met a woman so statuesque i think we have a good time together it be different since i stand 4'4 barefoot looks up care to dance :)
Found this article out there showing the 7 Celebrity Couple Mismatches with pictures that some of you all might enjoy.

Of course, Tom Curise gets listed twice as being the short man in the couple.
I am 6'2 and my husband is 5'8 we've been happily together almost 8 years. If it bothers people oh well...true love has no specific measurements. To all those out there who will not date shorter may miss out on meeting your soul mate and that is too bad!


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