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i ...I'm from Australia and have 3 boys and two are 6'3" and still growing. Eldest is 16, then 15 and the 12 year old is about 5'4". Oldest two are expected to hit about 6'5" and I am trying to get ideas for a people Mover. They are too tall far any over here (have just outgrown a Hyundai Trajet) and I am not wanting to go into a small bus. I need them to be able to sit in any row. A possibility is the imported Nissan Elgrand and the boys have sat in one but not that many inches to spare. Does anyone else have a Nissan Elgrand or can advise about people movers. 

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I drive a Lincoln Navigator and it has pretty good room.  I think the Ford Flex which is newer actually has better room in the middle seats though.  I'm not sure what options you have down in Australia, but that certainly is a problem to have so many tall people in one vehicle.

Is "people mover" some Australian term?


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