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For all who didn't know but there is a pretty new website for tall people called

Looks promising. Small guys get deleted on a regular basis so also not too many fetish people... ;)

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I know some people here have expected me to delete this post.  The point of The Tall Street Journal is to be a resource for the tall community.  If there are other good resources, then deleting the mention of them would kind of defeat our central purpose in being a community-driven resource.

To that end, how do people feel about the height requirement.  I do notice some small guys that might be creepy.  I don't see them adding much to this site, and figure that deleting them just means they will create fake "tall" profiles.  I figure it is better to let them be who they are and people on here to know that it is them, than dealing with fakes.  At the same time, it's an interesting distinction for TallDB.

Thoughts anyone?

I have never gotten my email that allows me to join. Has anyone else had this problem? I submitted it numerous times.

CT, this is a well maintained site and I appreciate the fact that it isn't spammed by people who have no Idea what it means to hit your head on a lot of doorways. However if they knew how many well endowed women have come up to me over the years in low cut attire and then made the mistake of bending their heads back to look up at my face, and thus freeing their breast from any constraints and revealing their natural beauty to me, Then the short guys would all be wearing Elton John shoes from the rock movie "Tommy", or Gene Simmons KISS shoes.


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